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Stag Do Pranks to Shake Him Up and the Neighbors

Stag parties are all about fun, adventure, and making the most out of your last moments of freedom. This is why a lot of men put a lot of time and effort planning for that perfect stag party.

To make it even more fun, the groom, best man, or whoever is planning the stag do can add stag do pranks into the itinerary. For some stags, it is all about fun and games and if the stag is not the type to object to such things, the stag party planner can actually do whatever he wants. Needless to say, pranks are fine so long as no one gets injured or worse.

How about kidnapping the groom? Brilliant plan! This way, he won’t even know what hit him or what he’s getting. However, a recent incident did shake up two witnesses to a groom’s “kidnapping.”

The Recent Sedgemoor Kidnapping

Sedgemoor’s police department receives a call from a woman reporting a kidnapping incident in their neighborhood that she witnessed together with her 14 year old daughter. Inspector Arman Mathieson says, “We received a call from a woman who had seen four men with tights covering their faces carrying a tied up man and bundling him roughly into a car.

“At around 1.30pm the vehicle was stopped by Avon and Somerset police at junction 24 of the M5, when it was established it was a ‘prank’ as part of a stag party.” The vehicle was pulled over by junction 24 of the M5 just before 1:30 PM on Friday. When the full story emerged, the men were told to apologize to the shaken up mother and daughter that witnessed the “kidnapping.”

Other Stag Do Pranks and Activities

Though being pulled over by the police can certainly mess up the whole itinerary that does not mean the fun should stop there. The show must go on and that stag night should still be a blast. So, what do you do?

In case you crossed kidnapping off your list of stag party pranks due to that incident, these are other stag party ideas to consider:

  1. A Smurf or Dwarf Date

Hire a little person (pay for all expenses of course), paint the little person blue (or not), and cuff the stag to that little person!

  1. Dare to Wear a Mankini

Made popular by Borat, only the bravest stags will ever dare to wear a Mankini! This will be perfect for stag do locations that happen to be holiday resorts.

  1. Viagra

Spike the groom’s drink with Viagra. It will certainly be a discomfort he’d notice during a lap dancing session. Just make sure that the groom is perfectly healthy and can take it as Viagra has unwanted side effects.

  1. Dye His Hair

The stag party planner usually knows the stag best. If he has a narcissistic streak, he’d certainly freak out if you carefully distribute some peroxide in his hair which can do wonders for visible aging.

  1. Break a Leg

After a drunken night of reveling, plaster up his leg as soon as he passes out drunk. You can even make up a story to back it up. It will certainly be a surprise once he wakes up!

Kidnapping the groom can be quite extreme for some stags, but it can also be a lot of fun. Stag party pranks exist for that same reason too… to have fun. Just make sure that it is safe and no one will really get injured. If you’re planning a stag party, spice it up with some stag do pranks!

Top 5 Reasons to Go to Barcelona This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and stags that are planning to have their stag party soon should start planning! Imagine going on a summer holiday/stag weekend in one of the best summer destinations in Europe… Barcelona. Blue skies, warm weather, hot Spanish women, and the beach are just some of the many things this city has to offer.

According to FHM, the Catalan city of Barcelona, Barca, is THE place to be. These are the top 5 reasons why stags should choose Barcelona for their stag party location this summer:

1. Stay in a Castle

If you always dreamed about being part of British royalty, you can stop dreaming and have the perfect stag do. You can be the lord of your own luxuriously furnished castle during your stay in Barca complete with courtyards, gardens, towers, and even a shisha room!

2. Beach in the Metropolis

Barca is actually an international city which means travelers can always get the big city experience. Though it is just like any other metropolis, this city has an amazing climate and a lovely beach. For those who do not know, Barcelona’s beach is actually man-made, but exceptionally beautiful!

3. Clubbing After Midnight

Stags that love to party or go clubbing will have a wonderful time in Barca. The nightlife in the Port Olympic will only come alive after midnight. So, after a day of other stag do activities, you can always get some rest first before enjoying the city’s nightlife.

4. Nou Camp

Nou Camp is the home of Barcelona’s famous football club! This stadium has a capacity of 99,354 which makes it the largest football stadium in Europe. It is the 6th largest in the world. Don’t be so surprised if you happen to bump into Cesc Fabregas while you’re there.

5. GoCars

Why should you settle for go karts when you can use GoCars? You certainly won’t be confined to a particular race track as you can actually go around the city in one. Each GoCar is equipped with state of the art GPS technology which provides fun facts about the places you’re driving past. This is also the best way to explore the city if you do not really like the usual tours.

No doubt, there are a lot of other reasons why Barcelona is one of the hottest stag do destinations in Europe. Mouthwatering tapas, drinks on fire, an ice bar, and cruises are other cool stuff to look forward to. Make sure that your last moments of freedom are truly memorable and plan that summer stag do in Barcelona!

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