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British Celebrity on Trial for Assault During a Stag Party

Dane Leon Bowers, famous for being a member of the boy band Another Level, went on a stag party in Norwich last June 1, 2012. He may have a temper when he’s drunk, but he really isn’t all that bad.

It is customary for stag groups to imbibe a lot of alcohol which inevitably leads to total drunkenness. In fact, free flowing alcohol usually accompanies most stag and hen dos. As many people know, people who are drunk can do crazy things. Though drunkenness is never a legitimate excuse, you can still expect some drunks to misbehave.

Bowers’ Drunken Assault in Norwich

Ten hours before the incident in Norwich, Bowers already rated himself 8 out of 10 on the scale of drunkenness. He was totally aware of his condition if not his violent reaction.

A witness that heard the stand-off heard Bowers being accused of racism. Bowers replied with, “don’t accuse me of being a racist – my dad is black.” The witness saw him grab the guy around the neck and started to throw him around.

Now, Bowers stands trial for three cases. Two of those are for assault charges and one is for harassment. He did plead guilty to the assault charge, but he argued about the part about racism. He would never make such actions based on racial discrimination because his grandfather and father are both Jamaican.

Aside from his heritage, Bowers is also a supporter of the Kick It Out football anti-racism campaign and Sodje Sports Foundation which is a charity that hosts sports programs in Africa.

Stag Nights, Bad Behavior, and Drunkenness

A man’s stag night is usually a night for him to spend time with his closest male friends. When men are together in such groups, it is usually inevitable for them to do without beer or other alcoholic drinks. After all, the fact that the night is supposed to be all about celebrating a man’s last moments of freedom means alcohol should be present.

The problem occurs when men have had too much to drink. Not everyone can hold their drink. There is a saying that alcohol should go to one’s stomach and not one’s head, but not all men can actually do that. Such was the case with Dane Bowers.

Since he pleaded guilty to one count of assault, Bowers was sentenced to 120 hours of unpaid work. In addition, he was required to pay £1,000 for expenses. If his companions were not that drunk, one or more of them could have stopped that incident from happening.

Bowers’ spokesman said that his client felt bad about the fact that it took months before the court cleared his name. It is not so surprising since his client’s career was affected by the stigma of racism. Now that it’s all over, Bowers can get back to what he does best. His career with the R&B boy band Another Level may have ended years ago, but he continues to be known for being an R&B singer, DJ, record producer, and songwriter.

The Price You Pay to Have a Fantastic Stag Do

A lot of people have observed that stag parties tend to be overdone these days. Hence, the term stagflation is used once again. In the past, this used to mean a form of inflation that’s characterized with high unemployment and low growth.

Now, the term stagflation is used because the cost of having a fantastic stag do, in the eyes of many, has become quite high. The internet and newspapers are full of news about stag dos with kidnappings, torture, flights, and pranks that have gone wrong.  People can also see news of three day, week long, or month long events that make most people think that all stag and hen dos have to be that way.

Stag and Hen Companies

In line with the stagflation, there are a lot of stag and hen companies that even offer to organize those events for you. Price-wise, not all of them can be considered reasonable. Still, the fact that all the information is online makes it easy for folks to simply compare the price of packages.

Nowadays, it is customary to spend a stag weekend instead of just a single night of revelry. What’s more, a lot of stags choose to travel to another town or city for their stag weekend. Naturally, the cost of such a weekend will be a bit more than just going to a local bar or pub to enjoy.

A couple of years ago, such companies did not even exist. Now that people hardly have the time to plan for their best friend’s stag do, these companies can be seen as a blessing as they can take care of all the details.

More Recent Stag Do Pranks

Old stag do pranks seem boring now to most people. In the not so distant past, stag groups used to tie the stag naked on the lamp post or they got him drunk and entertained him with a stripper prior to tying him up. Now, that sort of stag do prank will not do.

What are the latest stag do pranks? More recently, kidnapping, torture, arresting and interrogation are considered stag do pranks even though not all stags can actually appreciate such things. As a matter of fact, there were some stags that got quite traumatized after such pranks.

Derry and Carrick on Shannon

In Ireland, Derry and Carrick on Shannon are the most popular stag and hen party locations. Carrick on Shannon is even considered Ireland’s Capital for Hen Parties. A hen party in Carrick on Shannon is convenient for a lot of people and its lively nightlife makes it even better. On the flip side, stags that want that wild or crazy night out can easily get the experience they seek in Derry.

Local residents of both areas somehow wish that people would stop celebrating such parties. Of course, all the noise and trash can get quite distracting. What’s more, there are actually a lot of other stag do activities to enjoy. Take the McFly drummer’s stag do. He had a sleep over at his old alma matter where he enjoyed playing cricket and football.

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