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Premier League Players Have a Stag Party in Dubai

Premier League players that were supposed to be on a training camp in Dubai apparently had a blast instead. The training camp turned into a face and was more like a typical stag or hen party wherein they turned in for the night at 3 AM, 4 AM, 5 AM, and went on to train at 8 AM as they should.

One of the players even said that it would have been better for them if they stayed in London. In truth, they did not really get to make the most out of that training camp in Dubai.

Partying in Dubai Cost a Lot

Some of the players that took training quite seriously were appalled by how their fellow players parties. Each night, other players would go out and spend tens of thousands of pounds at the bar. It was really like they were on a stag party each night. Some players were unable to train the next day after partying until the wee hours of the morning.

Seeing bar bills that high will not really faze players like Samir Nasri who earns £170,000 each week. Still, for a football club that only has two wins for the entire season, such behavior did not seem promising. The club will not survive that way.

To Train or Not to Train

As mentioned earlier, one of the players did say that it would have been a lot better if they stayed in London to train. The guys will not really behave that way as being in London was not a novelty for them.

In Dubai, they did manage to have a lot of fun, but it was like being back at step one in terms of training. Now, fans will just have to wait and see how the teams do during the next football season. Is it their manager’s fault? The players that partied aren’t entirely without fault either.

The Quality, Taste, and Price of the Best Tipple

Why do people drink? People drink for a lot of reasons. Most of the time, they drink for no reason at all. Still, whether it’s to celebrate or drown their sorrow, a lot of people turn to alcohol or consume large amounts of alcohol.

Stag parties are not complete without that free flowing booze. Hen parties will not be complete without it either as it is the main reason why people perform those crazy antics during such celebrations.

Really Strong Tipple

Ireland is known for its locally brewed beers as there are some cities and towns in Ireland that have been brewing those beverages for centuries. A trip to Dublin will not be complete without sampling authentic Guinness. A trip to Kilkenny is an opportunity for some to sample the Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale.

Of course, when it comes to alcohol, it is best to start with the strong stuff. After all, why bother with the ones with five percent alcohol content when there are stronger stuff around that can easily get anyone drunk much faster.

For those that need ideas, go for quality and taste. Sample the Buffalo Trace’s George T Stagg Kentucky Bourbon and there will be no turning back. This 71.5 percent proof tipple will cost quite a bit, but it will be worth every drop.

Stags that love beer can jump right to drinking some Duvel Golden Ale. Brewed in Belgium, a bottle contains 8.5 percent alcohol. Known as one of the best beers in the world, a few bottles can get anyone drunk in no time.

Enjoy the Stag Night

Getting drunk is just part of the stag night. Everything will certainly seem a lot more fun when one is at a certain level of intoxication. Still, drinking is just part of it as there should be other stag night activities involved to make the evening more memorable than the usual boys’ night out.

To make it so, other nighttime stag do activities can include an evening at the casino. Though it is advisable to be completely sober in that place as one can always bet more than one can actually afford. No one wants to wake up being buried in debt.

A night in the comedy club can be fun as well for an evening full of laughter. If that’s not enough, tradition calls for going to a strip club. The traditional bar crawl will also be fun for those that wish to finish off their night literally crawling.

To be in a completely drunken state, it is best to start off with stronger stuff. Those are just two examples of those. There are definitely other alcoholic beverages that will also do the trick. So, have fun and make sure not to drink more than you can handle.

Welsh Stag Party Flies to Spain to Meet Football Heroes

Anyone that loves football knows that Swansea has been great the past two seasons. Stags that happen to be fans of the team or certain players of the team would consider it a “dream come true” to meet their football heroes.

One man, Iker Mintegui, was lucky enough to get that experience during his stag do even if they did have to take a plane just to meet the Spanish striker, Miguel Pérez Cuesta or Michu. Actually, Mintegui’s stag party already flew to San Sebastian to see the Real Sociedad football club before going to Swansea.

Meeting Real Life Idols

Men that love the sport will find it a surreal experience to meet one’s real life idols. That was how Mintegui felt when he met Michu. “It felt like I was in a dream and I’m very pleased with my friends and Swansea City for giving me the chance to meet Michu.”

He continued, “He was brilliant and gave me a present of a T-shirt and trousers. He spoke with us for a while and we took some pictures and all was brilliant.”

Aside from Michu, the stag group had the privilege of meeting other popular team members like Pablo Hernandez, Chico Flores, and Angel Rangel. Since the whole group love football and Swansea, they all had a wonderful time.

What Else to Do in Swansea

Swansea is not exactly one of the most popular stag do or hen do destinations, but football fans will definitely find it well worth visiting for the chance of meeting their real life idols. Still, stags that are not that big on football will find other stag do activities more up to their taste.

The nightlife is this city is worth experiencing too. There are certain venues that feature live entertainment. Most of the best nightlife establishments are found on Wind Street. So, this Welsh stag party’s fun did not end at Liberty Stadium as they had a lot of optional nighttime activities to enjoy while they were in Swansea.

If they stayed for a weekend, they probably had time to enjoy Swansea’s beaches too. A number of this city’s beaches were voted as Britain’s best camping beach, Three Cliffs Bay. On the other hand Llangennith Beach is popular for being one of the best places to learn how to surf in Britain.

What Other Stags Do

Of course, stags will always have the option of celebrating a traditional stag night with booze, women, and the works. However, stags that want more can certainly get what they want and that will depend on the groom-to-be as different folks want different things. For those that need inspiration, here are some ideas.

Instead of spending a night at the strip club, how about going to a comedy bar or the casino? Those that wish to test their luck can play their cards that night and see how it pans out. Win or lose, the stag and his closest friends can drown their sorrows or continue to party at other local establishments.

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