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  • How do I place an order?
  • When is the Best time to order?
  • What Are my payment options?
  • What deposit do I need to give?
  • Can we pay on the day of stag?
  • How do you make your money?
  • What happens if my group numbers change?
  • How far will we be from the town?
  • Can you take late bookings



How do i place an order?

  1. Pick your package and have a rough estimate of numbers.
  2. We require 1 full payment if you are booking for 15 people or less. We require 2
    full payments if you are booking for 15 or more.
  3. Once a booking deposit is payed, you then have 14 days to find out exactly how many
    people are going and collect a €50 deposit from each person.
  4. The booking must be payed for fully 4 weeks before the date of the weekend.
  5. Payments made by credit card have a 3% surcharge which the banks charge. Payments can
    also be made through bank transfer.

When is the best time to order?

As early as possible, the earlier you order the more you increase your chance of having everything booked. (some activity centers/ accommodation maybe booked out if you leave too late). We recommend 2 months.

What are my payment options?

Orders can be placed using credit card. A bank draft or money transfer is also possible. If you’d like to pay by check, your order must be placed by phone. After your order is placed, please send your check to:


How much of a deposit do I need?

Orders We require 1 full payment if you are booking for 15 people or less. We require 2 full payments if you are booking for 15 or more.


How do you make your money?

By booking with us you will pay the the same if not less than if you were to book it yourself. We have negotiated rates with all suppliers and accommodation outlets in return for the volume of business we send them. We organise on
average 15-20 hen and stag party’s every week. Why put yourself through the hassle when you can use us, all you have to do is take the praise

What happens if my group numbers change?

Not to worry, we get this with every group. Just try keep numbers accurate, if you have extra people wanting to join the group let us know as early as possible. If you have people dropping out near the end they will lose their
deposit, however if you get someone to fill there place then your laughing.

How far will we be from the town?

We keep our groups as close to the town as possible, the majority of our locations are in the towns centre. The activity centre’s are usually within 1hr of your accommodation.

Can you take late bookings?

We will try our best to deal with late bookings. It can be hard to accommodate a big group on short notice as most places would be booked out.


Laser Combat – Cork Package

Laser Combat…..Double Room……Nightclub


Laser Combat

Laser combat games is the same fun filled adventure as paintball shooting except you wont be left with bruises. Like paintball shooting the games are usually held in the woodlands. You will be armed with a replica gun which has an accurate range of up to 100m. Each gun is also equipped with a grenade launche which you can use to kill a number of your enemy’s with a single shot.

Strip Club

The strip club, to some stag groups no stag party is complete without a visit to the strip club.



Do you provide flights?
We do not arrange flights as we have found in order to get the best value for money you have to be checking constantly to get cheap flights, we can provide you with details on who we recommend. Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you provide transport from activites / airports?
We can arrange transport for all our groups. None of our packages include transport as most groups bring there own transport.

Can I just book an activity?
Yes of course. We recommend booking packages though as its better value for money.

How far will our hotel be from pubs / clubs / activity centre.

All are locations are booked with you in mind, we get you as central as possible so there is little travel yet always close to the amenities.

Do you take late bookings?

Yes, we will do are best to accommodate late bookings but it may be hard to book everything if you have a big group. Most groups will book over 2 months in advance, this give you plenty of time to get numbers and money.

How do we all pay?

Everybody can login to our online system to make there own payment. This saves you the hassle of running around trying to get money off all your mates. Once your package is secured you will be given login details so you can invite all your friends. .


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