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skit the stag

Skit the stag – Leave the Stag Red Faced and the lads on the floor laughing. Whats the real reason we all go on a stag party. To give your mate a good sending off and hopefully make a good sneer of him while doing it. Introduce Skit the Stag, this will make any stag weekend the most rememorable stag you have every went on.  

We will send down one of our comedians (including females)  unknown to the stag, or the rest of the group if you want to keep it a secret. The comedian gets in contact with the best man a few days before the event to pull up all the dirthy little embarrassing secrets/photos/stories that you have of the stag himself.  The comedian will then arrange to meet you in a pre-arranged pub in where ever you are  located. While all the lads are up drinking a few pints, our comedian will walk in like any other punther off the street. He will mingle among your group before picking the stag out and start bringing up all these stories of the stags past. This really is one of the funniest events you will ever witness as the stag wont know what to think and all the lads will be just as astounded. A must activity for any real stag weekend. “Thanks Guys for the weekend, I must say, the skit the stag was the best part of the weekend. James was could not believe this guy knew so much about him, the lads were in knots laughing, defo recommending this again”

“Hi lads, great weekend had by all. Accommodation was clean and central. Paintball shooting was great craic, the guys working there really looked after us. The skit the stag was a serious laugh, I’ve never seen so many lads crying with laughter, way better than any stripper and a lot cheaper”

This activity is only available through stagit.ie and books out very early as we have limited amount of comedians every weekend. Please contact us today by filling out the below form for availability.


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