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Stag Party Theme Ideas

Are you celebrating your last day of freedom but stuck on what theme to have for your stag party? Don’t worry, this blog post will give you the top stag party theme ideas out there. These themes will definitely give you some major ideas to have that stag do unique and fun!

Star Wars Theme

Awaken the forces of your friendship by celebrating your stag Star Wars style! Dress up as your favourite character whether it’s Chewbacca or a Stormtrooper and why not dress the stag as Darth Vader, the ‘bad guy’ who is getting married!

Don’t worry if dressing up isn’t really your thing, you can always have a relaxing stag at the comfort of your own home. Load up some popcorn and drinks and have a back to back marathon of Star Wars movies. Make it even more interesting by choosing a word in the movie and every time that word is said, someone has to take a drink! This makes for one of the perfect stag party theme ideas.

You can even make some Star Wars themed drinks. Click here to see some ideas.


We are Gentlemen 

This Stag party theme idea is for those lads who are little more sophisticated. We have all heard the phrase dress to impress, so lads, take out your best suit and head downtown to make those ladies swoon. ‘Tuxedo effect’ is definitely real, and those tight shirts and black blazers are bound to attract some ladies!

If alcohol and ladies are not on your mind, why not go for some clay shooting experience or head out for a day at the stables, any classy activity would be perfect for this stag party theme ideas.

C’mon lads, embrace your inner James Bond!


Elvis the king

Is your stag an Elvis fan? What a better stag party theme idea then rock and rolling to the last day of freedom Elvis style. Dress up as the legendary Elvis Presley and become a sex god on the dance floor, you will surely pick up some ladies 😉 So lads, pick up those guitars and your microphones! Don’t forget those signature sideburns, the white cape and cowboy shoes!



This is the last day of your freedom, the adrenaline is rushing through your veins, why not have an adventure themed stag party! Show off your Michael Schumacher skills by driving the go-kart at high speeds and feeling the cold air going through your hair! Better finish first,  unless you want to become the laughing stock for the rest of the stag party!

Quad-Biking is an another option that you can try! Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you race through terrains, woodlands, rivers and any landscape there is!


Water based

Another great stag party theme idea is water theme! If you are not afraid to get a little water on your hands, why not have a rafting session with your best mates! Ride the waves of River Burrow in Kilkenny city or River Shannon on Carrick, the choice is yours! Feel the waves as you and your mates paddle through your day! This is one of the best stag party theme ideas that is enjoyed among the lads!


Has any of these stag party theme ideas struck to you? If yes, why not explore more activities that you can do by checking out our packages! Click here to see our packages! We have almost every destination in Ireland!

Embarrassing Stag Party Ideas (No Cameras!) – NSFW

Stag parties have certain aims and objectives that must be upheld: 1) to get drunker as a group than you have ever been in your lives and 2) to embarrass the groom-to-be as horrifically as possible. While we’re pretty sure you guys can take care of the first one by yourselves, the latter involves a little bit more creativity. With that in mind, here is our compilation of the most embarrassing stag party ideas of all time. Pick your poison from the list below and begin preparing your evil plans to make your stag blush like a virgin in a whorehouse.


Little People Hire
As far as embarrassing stag party ideas go, this one is right up there with the best of them. Many stag parties opt to rent out a Little Person for the evening and handcuff him to the stag. You can ask him to dress in costume if you wish (we’d recommend kitting him out in the same clothes as the stag for maximum effect.) During the three hours they spend together, the little person has to do everything the stag does, including drinking. By the end of the evening, you’ll not only be carrying the stag home, but his partner-in-crime should be fairly tipsy too! Okay, you might want to allow some cameras for this one because we won’t lie, it’s pretty hilarious.

Quirky Suits and Costumes
A very popular theme in the world of stag parties, silly suits and crazy costumes are sure to rev up the embarrassment factor. You could all choose to go in-costume as a group, or save this particular shame for the groom-to-be. An increasingly popular costume-choice for the stag is a delightful dildo number. A rather flattering outfit, it comes in varying shades of nude and works well when paired with a bright-red face. Get yours from amazon now and make sure your groom doesn’t miss out on one of the most embarrassing stag party ideas since the dawn of time. He might feel like a bit of a knob (aaayyyy!) but the rest of the group will get a good laugh out of it.


Buss Buddies Booking

Male Stripper
A twist on the traditional stag party activity, why not leave your mate red-faced and raging with you by organising him a male stripper? Take some time prior to the stag-do to plant the seeds of shame with this one; keep dropping hints to the stag that you’ve organised him a lapdance from a fine female, ensuring that he’ll be extra surprised when the beefcake you’ve booked walks through the door. (Maybe have a camera at the ready for this one too. You’ll never want to forget the look on the stag’s face.)


No-Show Stag-Do
This one only requires a little bit of pre-planning, and the best part is it’s free. Tell the stag to arrive at the venue earlier than the rest of the crew, leading him to think you’ll all be there at that time too. Let him stew there alone for a little bit, thinking that no one’s showed up for him. (Cruel, we know.) The embarrassment of thinking he’s dealing with a bunch of no-shows will quickly be swapped for the embarrassment of you and the lads barrelling through the door, twenty minutes late and roaring his name. This is one of the meaner embarrassing stag party ideas, but if it’s executed correctly, the stag will see the funny side. (Hopefully!)


Accommodation “issues”
If you’re taking the stag-party on tour, this embarrassing stag party idea is a must. When the group arrives to the accommodation, the best man/whoever organised the accommodation should take a couple of minutes to inform the groom that reception has no booking on file for the group. Enjoy the hilarious sight of him losing the plot for as long as you can keep a straight face, before finally revealing the truth. Nothing like a good old-fashioned blood-pressure spike to kick off a weekend of sessioning!


Another twist on the stripper idea, this one involves a little bit of cunning. First, you’ll need two strippers; the typical type, and a lady of a slightly, er, larger persuasion. Let the groom enjoy a little bit of a show from the proper dancer, before having her blindfold him for his personal lap dance. This is where the curvier lady comes in. Have the strippers swap roles and let the larger lady provide the lap dance, before the big reveal at the end *ahem*. This will work particularly well if the groom has had a few drinks as his senses won’t really be up to scratch, so he won’t cop on to the trickery too quickly.


The Lamp Post
An iconic stag party tradition, the lamp post prank is one of the oldest, most embarrassing stag party ideas in the book. We’ve all seen it; some poor lad with his jeans around his ankles, scarlet-faced, cable-tied to a lamp post and left to his own devices. However, the fact that it’s tradition doesn’t mean it’s not funny as hell for everyone involved… except the groom, of course. Just don’t leave him there for too long or forget about him. It gets cold overnight, y’know.


The Mankini
Okay, so technically this one could have fallen under costumes, but it’s just so funny we had to give it its own point. We’ll finish this list of embarrassing stag party ideas off with a lovely costume suggestion – the humble mankini. Just take a moment and imagine with us; the entire group of you, strutting to the bar like gangsters, cigars in your mouths, ready to go wild… led by a man in a lime-green, ass-baring mankini. We can actually feel the future shame of the stag from here. 


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