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Your Ultimate Carrick-on-Shannon Booze Cruise Guide

Hey there, party people! Whether you’re rustling up a stag or hen party that’s as classy as it is craic-filled, Carrick-on-Shannon booze cruise is where it’s at! Tucked snugly by the River Shannon, this little town is the perfect pick for a getaway bursting with banter, glitz, and a wee bit of mischief on the high seas.

Cruisin’ Down the Shannon

Imagine you and your mates, cruising down the River Shannon, drinks in hand, and the latest tunes blarin’ – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Carrick-on-Shannon booze cruises aren’t just any old boat party; they’re memory-makers, tailor-made for your stag or hen party antics.

Explorin’ Your Boozy Options

Let’s take a gander at what Carrick-on-Shannon has in store for both stag and hen revelers:

Moon River Cruise: Where the Party Never Ends

carrick on shannon booze cruise

Picture is taken from Jens F.

Hop aboard the Moon River Cruise for a swanky voyage! Picture yourself sippin’ on your poison of choice while live tunes keep the spirits high and the dance floor rockin’. With packages that cover everything from snug stays to late-night adventures, planning your party has never been simpler!

  • One-hour cruise on the scenic River Shannon.
  • Fully-loaded bar with all the brews, wines, and spirits.
  • Live music and a DJ for top-notch craic.
  • Optional packages for stress-free party planning.


Situated on Main St, Carrick-On-Shannon, Moon River Cruise boasts a cracking 4.6 rating on Google from 230 reviews, making it a top pick for both stags and hens!

Leitrim Adventure’s Glam Cruise: Where the Magic Happens

Let your inner party animal loose on Leitrim Adventure’s glam cruise! With a bar that’d give any high-end club a run for its money and disco vibes that’ll keep you groovin’ till dawn, this cruise is pure magic. Their skippers even double as your personal party hosts – making sure your every whim is catered to.

  • One-hour party cruise on the River Shannon.
  • Fully-stocked bar and disco for a night to remember.
  • Dedicated service from friendly skippers.
  • A lively atmosphere perfect for making memories.


Located on Mercantile Plaza, Leitrim Adventure boasts a mighty 4.7 rating on Google from 6 reviews, making it a must-visit spot for your stag or hen shenanigans in Carrick-on-Shannon!

Choosin’ the Perfect Booze Cruise

So, how do you pick the right booze cruise for your crew? Here’s a wee checklist to help you out:

  • Your Budget: Keep it real, folks. Find a package that fits your pocket.
  • Group Size: Whether you’re rollin’ deep or keepin’ it cozy, find a package that suits your squad.
  • What’s Included: From grub to grog, make sure your package covers all the essentials.
  • Your Vibe: Whether you’re after a wild night or a more laid-back affair, pick a package that matches your style.

Your Carrick-on-Shannon Booze Cruise Awaits!

And there you have it, folks! Your Carrick-on-Shannon booze cruise beckons, promisin’ a party experience like no other. So, gather your gang, pack your sparkles, and let the good times roll – because your adventure’s about to set sail!

For the lads out there who want a booze cruise activity for their stag party, don’t hesitate! Fill out our form above, and we’ll get back to you with a luxurious trip fit for your stag party in Ireland. Let the fun begin!

Ready to toast to memories that’ll last a lifetime?  Here’s to the ultimate Carrick-on-Shannon stag and hen party adventure!

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