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Get ready to channel your inner action hero with Stagit because our Clay Shooting package is a game-changer! Nestled in the breathtaking Irish countryside, our shooting range is the place where legends are born. Whether you’re a sharpshooter or a first-timer, this is your chance to strut your stuff and show off your skills.


What in the World is Clay Shooting?

Alright, stag-do aficionados, listen up! Clay Shooting is the art of turning flying clay discs into nothing but dust with a shotgun. Imagine this: you’ve got a sleek shotgun in your hands, eyes on the prize, and a target soaring through the air. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it – obliterate that clay pigeon. It’s like skeet shooting but with way more adrenaline and a pint-worthy story at the end.

State-of-the-Art Shooting Range

Lock and load in style at our top-notch shooting range. We’ve got the latest gear to ensure a seamless and safe experience for everyone at the party. Safety comes first, but fun is a close second – we’ve got both barrels blazing!

Expert Guidance from Seasoned Instructors

Rookie with a shotgun? No worries! Our team of seasoned instructors has your back. They’ll be your wingmen, guiding you to become a pro at hitting those flying clays. Before you know it, you’ll be boasting about your newfound talent for sharpshooting!

Competitive Stag-Party Vibes

What’s a stag weekend without a bit of banter and friendly competition? Our Clay Shooting package is designed for maximum craic. Challenge your mates and see who takes home the title of the ultimate marksman. Bragging rights are on the line, so bring your A-game and let the banter begin!

Stunning Surroundings and Spectacular Views

Picture this – you, your mates, shotguns in hand, surrounded by the lush Irish countryside. It’s not just about hitting targets; it’s about creating unforgettable moments in a picturesque setting. The views alone are worth the experience.

Tailored Stag Party Packages

Looking for the whole shebang for your stag weekend? Our Clay Shooting package can be customized to fit your crew’s needs. Add on extras and mix and match activities. We’re here to make your vision come to life. It’s not just a stag weekend; it’s a legendary adventure!

What’s Included:

  • Central Self Catering Apartment
  • Clay shooting – 25 Shots with a double-barrel shotgun
  • Finger Food After Activity in Pub
  • Guestlist Entrance into Top Night Club
  • Reserved table in nightclub
  • 1 round of shots in nightclub
  • All the usual premium extras
  • Dedicated group website

Ready to turn your Ireland stag weekend into a tale told in pubs for generations? Lock, load, and let’s make it happen with our Clay Shooting package. Book now, and let the banter begin!

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