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Gather ’round, you party animals and daring daredevils! Stagit’s got the antidote to your stag party boredom – behold the uproarious, knee-slapping, downright bonkers DODGEBALL Package. Brace yourselves for a wild Irish dodgeball adventure that will leave your squad questioning reality!

Unleashing the Irish Dodgeball Extravaganza

Exclusive Irish Venues

We didn’t just find venues; we unearthed dodgeball sanctuaries! From the buzzing streets of Dublin to the whimsy of Galway, our handpicked spots are the canvas for a stag party masterpiece. Irish charm? Check. Heart-pounding excitement? Double-check. Get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge in style!

Professional Dodgeball Instructors

Say goodbye to amateur hour. Our dodgeball maestros, direct from the beating heart of Ireland, are here to turn you into dodgeball demigods. Learn the art of dodging, master the banter, and embrace the Irish spirit of “may the best man dodge” under their legendary guidance. Safety first, laughs a close second!

Championship Tournament

Enough chit-chat; it’s time to crown the dodging champions! Immerse yourself in a tournament that’ll test your skills, boost your adrenaline, and create stories wilder than a leprechaun’s night out. Pro tip: dodgeball prowess might just be your ticket to glory – and a free round at the pub!

Still not convinced? Allow us to drop some dodgeball truth bombs:

  • Central Self Catering Apartment: Your dodgeball HQ, where legends rest and recover.
  • Dodgeball Session: Because dodging responsibility is the name of the game.
  • Finger Food After Activity in Pub: Refuel with grub that’ll make you forget dodging is a workout.
  • Guestlist Entrance into Top Night Club: Skip the queues – because dodgers don’t wait.
  • Reserved Table in Nightclub: VIP treatment for the legends who conquered dodgeball.
  • 1 Round of Shots in Nightclub: Because every victory deserves a toast.
  • All the Usual Premium Extras: We’ve got it all covered – so you can focus on dodging, celebrating, and living your best wild Irish life.
  • Dedicated Group Website: Because your dodgeball saga deserves its digital monument.


Ready for a stag party in Ireland that defies the laws of sanity? Grab your dodgeballs, rally your crew, and dive into the chaos with Stagit. This isn’t just a party; it’s a dodgeball-induced frenzy that will go down in folklore. Let the dodging madness commence!

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