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Clay Pigeon Shooting



To spend you last night of freedom in style, check into one of the best hotels in Belfast located advantageously near all the hot entertainment spots so you and your mates can stroll from club to club without even having to take a taxi. You and your stags will be offered world class accommodation and be tended to by warm and friendly staff, making your stay as memorable as possible. What’s more, you do not have to clean up any mess that you create as someone else will do it for you!!!

Clay shooting

During the day, you can indulge in the fun filled and exciting activity of clay shooting on some of the finest grounds found in Belfast. This activity does not require any prior experience though some basic skills in target shooting would be great. All you will have to do is aim your gun and shoot various clay targets as they are released in varying speeds. You can challenge your mates to a clay shooting contest and have a good laugh at the one misses the target the most. This game creates a good bonding experience and is ideal for an afternoon out with the boys.



Whatever activity you choose to engage in during the night, be sure to wake up the next morning in time for the breakfast of your lifetime. The menu is quite varied and you will have assorted mouthwatering delicacies to choose from. Since it’s only you and the boys, you can discard the gentleman coat and indulge as much as you want with no eyes judging you. Just think about it, when was the last time you enjoyed your meal the way you really wanted to?

VIP nightclub entry

Nothing spells the word fun as VIP treatment in the heart of Ireland’s entertainment capital. Make the most of your last night of freedom by gaining VIP entry into some of the best nightclubs in Belfast. You and your mates will be treated as celebrities and will be given the best corner in the club, with the rest of the revelers wondering who you guys are exactly. Let them think you are celebrities, it will add a hilarious twist to your stag’s night out.


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