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A Stag That Played with Fire on His Stag Party

Drunk people do crazy things. Being drunk is never an excuse for doing certain things. Unfortunately, for a 28 year old groom-to-be, what he did during his stag party might prevent him from attending his own wedding.

The man spent his evening at the Pig and Whistle Pub to celebrate his stag night last January 2, 2013. His stag night did turn into a night he will never forget as he faced arson charges at the Queenstown District Court a couple of days ago.

What Happened?

Initially, the man and his companions were inside the pub to celebrate his last night of freedom by getting drunk. As part of his stag do, he was asked to change into a costume.

The man went into the toilet cubicle to change into the costume. However, instead of changing into it, he set the costume on fire and threw it to the patrons. Before he left the cubicle, he also set fire to a toilet roll, left the roll in the cubicle, and locked the door behind him.

The Queenstown fire department was fast to respond, but they weren’t really needed. The fire was out before they even got to the scene. Still, the damage has been done and the pub was smoke damaged.

The Court’s Verdict

The man’s lawyer said that the whole thing was a foolish prank. The man was remanded on bail up to the 28th of January. He also has to do without alcohol until that time. He also won’t be allowed to go to licensed premises that sell alcohol.

Be that as it may, the man was at least allowed to attend a wedding this Friday. It was not clear if it was to be his own wedding though.

Stag Pranks and Silly Pranks

Though this incident was nothing more than a foolish prank, one can say that it could’ve been worse. If the fire was not stopped earlier, it could have done more damage. Pubs are full of alcoholic beverages and those are flammable. Other people could have been injured too.

At times, stag pranks can be just as bad. There have been incidences that also involved the police. An example would be when a woman and her daughter witnessed a kidnapping incident that they reported to the police. Little did they know that the kidnapping part was just part of a stag prank played on their neighbor.

Moral of the story: try to behave accordingly even when drunk. As an added note, hens celebrating their hen do can be just as bad. Alcohol may affect one’s thinking, but that is never a valid excuse for one’s actions.

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