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An Unexpected Accident Caused by a Popular Stag Do Activity

Accidents just happen and, at times, the best laid plans can still go awry. Though there are a lot of uneventful stag parties, there are still some accidents that just happen. Last May, there was such an incident. It is quite surprising that it took this long for justice to be served.

May last year, Ben Kirkey’s life was promising. He was about to graduate from Thompson Rivers University. A few weeks before graduation, he passed away after suffering from two different accidents.

What Happened Last May?

Kirkey first suffered a gunshot wound to his arm. He was shot by accident as a stray bullet hit his arm. Clay pigeon shooting or skeet shooting involves shotguns and clay disks. The clay disks are thrown in the air at different angles and varying speed.

The stag group were shooting clay disks that afternoon as a daytime stag do activity. Then, unintentionally, a stray bullet hit Kirkey’s arm. That shot wasn’t fatal, but he did have to go to a hospital to have it treated.

On his way to the hospital, Kirkey was in a car accident. He and his friend were ejected from the Dodge Ram truck and rolled into a ditch. Both of them were seriously injured. At that point, Kirkey’s injuries were already too severe. Though he did make it to the hospital, due to the nature of his injuries, they removed his life support, and then he passed away.

Other Unexpected Accidents

In another stag do, the group was already aboard a plane when it started to malfunction. Luckily, the plane did not take off just yet and the group walked out of the incident unscathed.

Accidents like these can always happen and no one really knows why they happen, but they just do. To think the stag group involved in those accidents were not even engaged in extreme sports. The same accidents can also happen during hen parties and no one can really prevent such things from happening.

It helps to be prepared for whatever happens. Make sure cellular phones are at hand and that you have the number of a doctor or hospital in the area.

Popular and Ordinary Stag Activities

Clay shooting is among the most popular stag day activities. Other popular stag activities include quading, buggy wacing, go karting, and paintballing. Each of those activities will always include the necessary safety gear provided by the activity centers. Even so, participants should be aware of the things that can go wrong and somehow know what to do in case such things happen.

Stag parties can be a lot of fun with those activities. Armed with information and some caution, all stags still get to enjoy their last moments of freedom no matter where they choose to spend it.

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