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Harry Judd Celebrates His Stag Do at His Alma Mater

British pop rock star Harry Judd will be tying the knot with violinist Izzy Johnston this Christmas. That is why he recently re-visited his old school and had a unique slumber party there. Since this this McFly drummer does not really drink, his stag weekend was all in all a wholesome affair.

The fact that he didn’t drink and hence, will not get drunk did make it more challenging for his best mates to pick on him. Actually, the task of planning a stag do for such a person will challenge his best man. It might not be as difficult to plan for a hen do for a woman that does not drink. For a man, it is quite unusual. So, let us take a look at what he actually did for his last moments of freedom.

Reliving the Glory Days

To celebrate his last moments of freedom, Judd spend the night in his old boarding school. After all, it was the place where he was at his happiest. The Old Buckingham Hall in Suffolk is where he had a lot of memorable moments and that made it the best venue for his stag party.

Judd was accompanied by his band mates, Strictly Come Dancing fellow contestant, and other close friends. They were 25 all in all and they did sleep over at the dormitory area of the school.

During their stay, they enjoyed games of cricket and football in the school’s field. It was the perfect venue to enjoy such games as well. Due to the fact that the school is located in the middle of the countryside, they just stayed in the school’s dorm for the duration of his stag do.

A Boys’ Night in and Sleepover

Though Judd did not drink, his mates did and his friends spent a good portion of their evening drinking. After that, they did try to go to bed. However, Robbie Savage, Judd’s Strictly Come Dancing fellow contestant made the evening more interesting with a pillow fight at three in the morning!

Judd did say that it was like a giant sleepover. Robbie’s antics did keep the rest of the group up until the wee hours of the morning.

Planning for Any Stag Do

Though the trend of stag parties nowadays seems to be on the wilder side, Judd’s stag do proves that a man’s last moments of freedom does not always have to be such a wild or outrageous affair.

The best men usually lose sight of the fact that a stag weekend or party should be all about what the groom to be actually enjoys doing. Judd’s best men did a good job with his.

Although very few men would say that they’d want to celebrate their stag do in a similar fashion, the important thing is that Judd had a good time celebrating his last moments of bachelorhood.

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