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Have an Action-Packed Stag Weekend with Fun Adventures

Stags nowadays choose to have stag weekends instead of just the traditional stag night. After all, a stag weekend will give them more time to enjoy fun-filled adventures with their closest friends before they finally tie the knot.

Though there are actually so many daytime stag activities to choose from, paintballing continues to be among the most popular ones. Playing paintball is like playing Counter Strike in real life, but in a much safer way since paintball guns will be used.

An Additional Adventure

Recently, activity centers for paintballing have something new to offer stags that plan to enjoy paintballing during their stag do. There are now facilities for mini tank driving for the ultimate military experience. Hens that enjoy that sort of thing can also choose to enjoy such activities during their hen weekend.

Stags that have always longed for driving a tank can now do so with this mini version. Tank driving and combat paintball can be the best daytime activities for some stags that enjoy such adventures. More and more stags tend to enjoy more than just one activity during the day and that can be the perfect combination since they will not really have to go somewhere else to enjoy tank driving.

Other Daytime Activities

Shooting and driving both seem to be the most popular stag daytime activities. Aside from paintballing, there are stags that choose other group activities like clay shooting or laser combat. Both will also involve guns and ammo.

As for unique driving experiences, not a lot of things can beat driving a mini tank, but stags do have other options. 4×4 driving, buggy racing, go karting, and quading are all popular stag do activities that will allow stags to drive different types of vehicles.

Choose the Best Location

It is important to note that the activities available during the stag weekend will totally depend on the location. There are certain activities that will only be available in certain towns and cities. That might be one of the most important things to consider in choosing a particular location.

There are actually so many popular stag do locations in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and other countries in Europe. Still, only certain towns and cities in those countries can offer various stag daytime and nighttime activities.

At the moment, Combat Paintball facilities in Northwold and Thetford offer that mini tank driving experience. I’m sure other outdoor paintballing facilities will have that soon enough. It does help to know where such activities are offered.

In the near future, the same company is planning to offer trek archery. That will be another cool daytime activity for stags. It will be similar to being in the movie Jurassic Park. As they walk into the forest, they will be shooting 3-D dinosaurs along the way. The concept itself is cool enough to consider as is. Hopefully, they can pull that off sometime soon and give stag groups the opportunity to enjoy that unique stag do activity.

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