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Head to the White Isle for Your Winter Stag Do

If you’re having your stag or hen do this winter, you might want to get away from the usual white snow and escape to an island paradise. So, pack those bags and head to the home of hedonism, Ibiza.

For those who do not know, Ibiza does not exactly hibernate during winter. Though it is true that most tourists only head to the island during the summer season, anyone can actually go there during winter and still have the whole experience.

Why Ibiza Is a Popular Tourist Destination

There are a number of reasons why Ibiza regularly attracts a lot of tourists. The first reason would be its captivating white sand beach which makes it perfect for beach activities. Second, it is the world’s party capital and the home of electronic music. Most of the famous DJs get discovered by performing in Ibiza. Third, it is a historic place with lots of beautiful sights to see. No doubt there are other reasons why this island is a popular tourist destination.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this island paradise can be the perfect escape from the harsh winter weather in some places. Hence, it can be the ultimate stag do location this winter season. Now would be a good time to decide as British Airways recognizes the potential of Ibiza as a winter holiday destination with regular flights twice a week.

Things to Look Forward to This December

Ibiza will probably continue being THE place to party even if its local officials are leaning towards more family-friendly tourism. This winter, there are actually some interesting events that will take place in this Spanish resort.

The San Mateo wine festival will be held early this December. Spain is actually known for its wines as well. Wine lovers should not miss this occasion as it will allow them to get a taste of the wines made within the region. New Year parties are something you can look forward to as well. DC10’s Circo Loco will definitely have a grand party. They usually do so every New Year’s Day.

A winter stag do in Ibiza will still be a lot of fun, but compared to having it during the summer season, it will be more relaxing. You can be sure that it won’t be as crowded as it usually is. Still, there are unique events that will be taking place that can easily make your stay more memorable.

What to Do for Your Stag Do

A day is not really enough to really enjoy Ibiza. So, make the most out of your time on the island and spend the weekend there. This will apply to any hen weekend too. If possible, stay longer and you will not regret it.

During the day, you can still enjoy all sorts of beach activities. Riding the banana boat, flyfish, tornado, wakeboard and ringos can still be a lot of fun. Those are fun group activities as well.

Even if you choose to start drinking earlier during the day, you still get to party at night. Of course, when it comes to clubbing, you can expect to get the best in Ibiza.

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