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Outrageous Hollywood Inspired Stag Party or Weekend

Trick or treat? A couple of decades ago, a typical stag party or hen party cannot be called a wholesome affair, but it was still rather tame compared to those held nowadays. You might have noticed that more recently, the headlines are full of stories about outrageous stag parties that went bad.

As a matter of fact, the typical stag party became like an opportunity for the stag party organizer, usually the best man, to totally humiliate the groom to be. In an article on Independent goes so far as to say that, “the groom who is force-fed a laxative, stripped naked and handcuffed to a lamp-post in Trafalgar Square has got off lightly.”

Humiliating Rituals and Pranks Involved

There are a number of Hollywood movies that seem to promote outrageous stag or bachelor parties. Those movies make a lot of people think that going wild during those last moments of freedom is the best thing ever. The Hangover and Bachelor Party are two good examples.

Most folks would not even notice how bad a stag party can get without the help of media. Based on some of the more recent stag dos held, the trend is leaning towards scary and traumatic.

Take a look at Jack Osborne’s stag party. He was kidnapped by military personnel and tortured. What’s funny is that after all of that, he did find his stag party fun and exciting. Kudos should be given to his stag party’s organizer.

On the flip side, Alex Tulloch cannot say the same. He was initially arrested by police officers, placed inside a prison cell with actual criminals, and then questioned for hours. For him, the “hoax” turned into a very traumatic event that his fiancée threatened to ban the best man and stag do organizer, Ben Goldsmith, from their wedding.

Banning Stag Do “Traditions”

In line with the trend of really wild and outrageous stag parties, some of the more popular stag do destinations are now banning such parties. They probably have a right to do so since it has been the tendency of stag parties to trash hotels, establishments, and local residences in those areas. Not to mention, the drunken brawls that occur when groups of men are in a drunken stupor and the noise they make.

Now, Edinburgh and Newquay no longer welcome stag parties with open arms. Years of bad experience with stag parties made them stricter. Other cities feel the same way.

Back in the Boundaries of Good Taste

Best men or those that are in charge of organizing stag parties lose sight of the most important thing. A stag party or stag weekend is supposed to be fun for all the guests, and most importantly, the stag.

Some stag pranks can stay, but the organizer should make sure that the pranks involved can be appreciated by the celebrant. After all, there is no point in organizing an outrageous or over the top stag do if the stag himself cannot find the humor in the pranks played on him.

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