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Premier League Players Have a Stag Party in Dubai

Premier League players that were supposed to be on a training camp in Dubai apparently had a blast instead. The training camp turned into a face and was more like a typical stag or hen party wherein they turned in for the night at 3 AM, 4 AM, 5 AM, and went on to train at 8 AM as they should.

One of the players even said that it would have been better for them if they stayed in London. In truth, they did not really get to make the most out of that training camp in Dubai.

Partying in Dubai Cost a Lot

Some of the players that took training quite seriously were appalled by how their fellow players parties. Each night, other players would go out and spend tens of thousands of pounds at the bar. It was really like they were on a stag party each night. Some players were unable to train the next day after partying until the wee hours of the morning.

Seeing bar bills that high will not really faze players like Samir Nasri who earns £170,000 each week. Still, for a football club that only has two wins for the entire season, such behavior did not seem promising. The club will not survive that way.


To Train or Not to Train

As mentioned earlier, one of the players did say that it would have been a lot better if they stayed in London to train. The guys will not really behave that way as being in London was not a novelty for them.

In Dubai, they did manage to have a lot of fun, but it was like being back at step one in terms of training. Now, fans will just have to wait and see how the teams do during the next football season. Is it their manager’s fault? The players that partied aren’t entirely without fault either.

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