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Stag Do Bus Crash Scam Uncovered by the Insurer

A group of thirteen men were involved in a stag do insurance scam in Newcastle back in 2009. Once the scam was uncovered, all of the admitted fraud and said that they “bitterly regretted” the scam.

Last month, a mini bus did crash as a hen group was on their way to a Liverpool hen party. That crash left eleven hens seriously injured and claimed one life. That’s why a scam such as this really is a bad joke.

How It Was Staged

The thirteen men setup the whole crash scene between a car and a mini bus. When the paramedics got to the scene, everyone was alright. In fact, the “stag group” was found laughing, talking on their cellular phones, and smoking. They claimed that they were driving to a stag do when they crashed with the car.

After a few minutes, it was like domino effect after one of them started holding his neck and said he suffered an injury because of the crash. The rest of them followed suit and said they had whiplash injuries.

All of them were brought to the hospital where they were examined. X-rays were taken and some of them left with neck braces. However, after a few hours, they all had a rather dramatic recovery and were all fine after that.

Uncovering the Scam

The group walked away with £134,000 in their pockets from the insurance company. It wasn’t until recently that their scam was uncovered. The insurer, Aviva, made an investigation and alerted the police as soon as they discovered that the couple in the car, Ben LeBlond and Marnie Simpson, which crashed into the mini bus knew everyone in the “stag group.”

It turns out that both vehicles were already damaged before they were brought to the crash scene. The whole group just set it up as if they crashed into each other then and there.

Two members of the “stag group” pleaded guilty to fraud. LeBlond pleaded guilty as well. The three of them are still waiting for their sentence.

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