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Stag Do Prank: Kidnapped, Shackled and Tortured in Vegas

Travel and fitness reporter, Jack Joseph Osbourne, recently wed the love of his life. However, before that affair, he did have a wild time in Vegas to celebrate his last moments of freedom. Though different men tend to celebrate their stag night differently, stag do pranks will, somehow, always be a part of that and Jack Osbourne was not exempted from that.

Jack’s idea of “awesome” might be different for other stags. After all, he was probably influenced by his father Ozzy. Everyone knows Ozzy had his own wild side. In addition, Jack was the host of the TV show Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie, a TV show that caters to adventurers and thrill seekers. So, how “awesome” was his stag do? He says it was “pretty awesome!”

An Unforgettable Stag Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular stag do locations in the United States because it has everything any man will ever need to make sure his last moments of freedom is worth remembering. There are so many stag do activities to enjoy during the daytime and nighttime.

What did Jack do for his Las Vegas stag party? The choices of daytime activities were not that extraordinary. During the day, he drove a dune buggy with his mates at the desert and went target shooting. Both activities are considered typical and even popular daytime stag do activities.

However, his stag night cannot be considered typical aside from the inclusion of stag do pranks. As Jack was chilling in the Palazzo hotel, he was kidnapped by different members of the counter terrorism squadrons in the United Kingdom. His kidnappers consisted of a Navy Seal, two members of the SAS, and one from the Delta Force.

Normally, after a kidnapping stag prank, the stag ends up in a bar or nightclub to party the night away. In Jack’s case, he was bound and tortured. The torture part included waterboarding torture. For those who are not familiar with that, they placed a towel on his face, and then, they poured water over his nose and mouth.

An Awesome and Unforgettable Stag Night

All in all, it was truly an unforgettable and pretty awesome stag night for him. Other stags might not find that such an awesome experience though. It is important that the stag is “game” and can appreciate such things.

Now, your stag weekend or stag do does not necessarily have to involve kidnapping and torture for it to be fun. There are a lot of other fun daytime and nighttime activities to enjoy regardless of your stag do location.

Stag do organizers should always make sure that the activities lined up are activities that the celebrant will enjoy. So, start planning for the ultimate stag party by choosing your location and stag do activities. On the day of the event, just have fun!

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