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Stag Groups in Riga Should Start to Behave

Stag groups are known to be more susceptible to violence and crazy behavior compared to their female counterparts. That is why Edinburgh’s Grassmarket district, Dublin, and even Kilkenny discourage such parties in their area. Their local government certainly means well as they’d rather have a more family-friendly tourist industry. What’s more, their local residents deserve some peace and quiet during their weekends as well.

Why can’t a group of men be content with just playing golf and laying off the booze for that stag do? Well, that is probably because of more recent trends and the influence of Hollywood movies. Most stag groups are intent on just having a good time. Folks can say that alcohol is the main culprit. However, alcohol does not really have a mind of its own.

Alcohol Induced Antics

Take a recent unfortunate incident that involved a liter of pure alcohol. They asked the groom-to-be to sit on a dentist’s chair in a Benidorm bar. That dentist’s chair was made very popular by football players Teddy Sheringham and Paul Gascoigne when they consumed alcohol in a similar manner in Hong Kong in 1996.

As he sat, they poured a liter of vodka down his throat. How did that go? Well, it certainly didn’t end well Paul Tobutt passed away from alcohol poisoning. His bride-to-be and family are now mourning.

That’s the worst case scenario. For a good number of stag groups, a night of drunkenness also involves trashing monuments, urinating in the streets, and picking up fights.

Riga’s stag party police decided that they have had enough of that behavior. Now, anyone that does such things can end up in prison for a few hours.

The Need for Moderation

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is one of the most popular stag do destinations in Eastern Europe because of cheap beer and its nightlife. Now that Riga has started to make some moves against bad behavior during stag parties, other popular locations might follow suit as well.

Though alcohol will be part of most stag parties, that does not mean that revelers should go beyond what they could actually handle. In Paul’s case, he literally had too much of it. For other cases, no one appreciates their place being completely trashed.

So, for those that plan to have that stag party in Riga… better behave! The city’s stag party police really isn’t happy with most Brits’ behavior in their city.

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