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Stag Party Attempts to Break Guinness World Records

Charlie Badderley’s stag party attempted to break four Guinness World Records last week. They spent a stag weekend in Somerset to do just that. However, they did not really make it due to insufficient burgers. Furthermore, the weather was not in their favor.

For Charlie’s stag do, the whole group traveled in a fur covered bus that was made to look like a stag. It even had antlers! They drove to Somerset central to attempt record-breaking stag do feats.

Hundred Meter Space Hopper Dash

So start it off, the group tried to break the world record for the 100-meter space hopper dash in Berrow beach. They hopped on space hoppers and bounced on it for 100 meters to break the world record of 30.2 seconds. However, the weather was not on their side as it was cold and there were high winds. They finished 100 meters with 58 seconds.

Wrap the Stag in Newspaper

Defeated, but with high hopes that they can conquer the other challenges, the stag group drove to Street. There, they attempted to break the record of the fastest time it takes for eight people to wrap a person in newspaper. Though the team of eight people managed to do the task quite fast since they managed to do it in one minute and 32 seconds, they were still a few seconds slower than the current record of one minute and 28 seconds.

Hamburgers Eaten in Three Minutes

Next, the group headed to McDonald’s to break another record. How many hamburgers can they eat in three minutes? Well, the group didn’t even have the chance to break the current record because McDonald’s said that they did not have enough hamburgers for them to even attempt to break the record.

Eggs Crushed with Their Forehead

The fourth and last challenge was to see how many eggs they can crush with their forehead in 30 seconds. However, plans to beat that record was set aside as they all started to pass drinks around.

Noble Intentions

A hen do or stag do’s main purpose is to ensure that the person getting married gets to make the most out of their last moments of freedom or to give that person “a proper sendoff” before tying the knot. In that sense, this event was a success because Charlie admits that he did have a lot of fun during his stag weekend.

The best part about this whole endeavor is that it is not just about the groom-to-be’s happiness. This particular stag do was meant to raise funds for Help for Heroes. All the crazy antics aside and even if they failed to break the record, they did have noble intentions.

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