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The 3 Types of Stag Parties

Friday night is boys’ night out. It may be a weekly occurrence for some blokes but getting married certainly isn’t. No groom can escape without a Stag celebration, whether it’s a single night or a weekend. Few would want to escape even if they could and there are plenty of ideas for something a little bit different.

There are also companies that specialise in providing and organising those ideas in a large range of different locations. A groom has enough to do without organising the event so, usually, the best man may take on the task of the stag event unless he is still wrestling with his speech! However, it is far better to leave the task of organising the event to a company that does stag parties professionally.

The Stag Night Out

There is unlikely to be anything routine about what is on offer on a typical stag night out. Usually, the boys out on the stag night will give the groom a surprise sometime during the night. There have been plenty of occasions when a groom has woken up miles from home, even on his wedding day.

Whilst I’m not advocating that you do something like that, I am suggesting that you have as much fun as possible on your stag night out! It’s been proven time and time again that a night out with the boys is a tried and tested method of having a great stag do.

You can even choose to go to another location and set off for a city in a foreign country! Just make sure you the stag doesn’t pay for any of the drinks and that he has a sore head in the morning!

The Activity Laden Stag Do

A night out with the boys is one way to let off steam but activities provided by a specialist have become increasingly popular as well. Some think that paintballing is the best option and some opt for go karting and rafting. Whichever you choose, make sure there is plenty of time between the stag activity and the wedding day, just in case the paintballs leave unwanted bruises! However, there is no outdoor activity that is not supervised by trained people so you’ll be in safe hands.

Daytime activities are a great way for the stag and his mates to have fun and is an ideal preparation for the nighttime activities! Make sure you take plenty of photos when your on your activity laden stag do, so you can brag to your friends back home about how many go kart races you won or how many of your mates you shot with your paintballs!

The Sophisticated Option

Most cities have exclusive restaurants that can host special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays. They will be only too happy to help friends on a Stag Night with a meal, fine wine and expensive champagne. It may be as a prelude to visiting a club but for some people, they don’t want a night out on the town and would rather have a sophisticated meal with friends in a great location.

Some stag nights even have gold medal winners, provided by Classique’s Speakers that speak about their achievements and are great to listen to after the sit down dinner. This is a great option for more mature stag parties where being around great friends and great entertainment is the ideal stag party.

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