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Things That Can Go Wrong on a Perfectly Planned Stag Do

Even the most carefully planned stag do or hen do can have a disastrous outcome. For a stag party group from Dumfries that was going to Spain, that was the case. All things considered, no one would’ve predicted that something would go wrong with their airplane.

The group boarded the plane that was already 15 minutes late of its original schedule as the flight attendants had to assist a passenger on a wheelchair board the plane. Who would’ve known that delay would be a good thing? If they took off in time, things would probably be a lot worse.

What Actually Happened?

Everything seemed normal until the 15 minute delay. Once the all the 189 passengers were aboard the 737 passenger jet, the plane started to take off from the runway. However, before the plane reached its take off speed, the pilot hit the brakes.

As the passenger jet skidded, the lights inside the plane went out, and that caused its passengers to panic. When the plane stopped skidding, the pilot ordered all the passengers to evacuate. This incident happened last October 19, Friday at 7:40 AM.

Barry Gemmell said that he smelled fumes and saw the smoke coming out of the vents in the cabin. Another passenger added that if the plane already took off, they’d be looking at something worse as the plane would’ve crashed.

The Party Must Go On

Despite what happened, the group of seven decided that the party must go on. So, the group went on the next flight going to Benidorm in Alicante. They did manage to have that planned stag party in Spain and they enjoyed a weekend there.

Because of what happened, they actually had a stag do worth remembering. As a matter of fact, Barry said that it might even be mentioned as part of one of their mates’ wedding speech next month.

Though an incident like this cannot really be foreseen, it helps to be lucky. This group was truly just lucky that the plane did not really crash and they had the chance to evacuate before it even took flight.

Stag Party Locations in Spain

Sunny Spain is actually a popular summer retreat and tourist destination. The country is known for having all that sunshine. Furthermore, the rain in Spain runs mainly on the plain and they definitely get less rainfall than the United Kingdom.

In Spain, there are a number of popular stag weekend locations to choose from. This group of revelers chose to have a stag party in Benidorm which is one of the most popular stag do locations in Spain. If you need more stag party ideas, check out what Barcelona, Magaluf, and Ibiza have to offer.

Spain is actually known for its beaches. Naturally, its sunshine goes well with its beaches. That is why tourists from all over Europe and beyond go to Spain. This winter, if you’d rather have sunshine instead of snow during your stag do, spend your last moments of freedom in one of those Spanish beaches.

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