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Three Essentials You Must Bring to a Stag Party

Stag and hen parties are always a lot of fun since they are made to be fun. Still, there are some items that are rather indispensable. By bringing these essentials, you can make sure that having too much fun does not present as a big problem

Phone + Charger

Your mobile phone is the first item that you should never leave home without. With the right applications, your mobile phone will be more useful especially if the stag party will be held somewhere else or a place that you are not that familiar with.

A stag weekend abroad will be a lot more fun if you know where to go and there are phone applications that can help with that. What’s more, for iPhone users, the Find My Friends application can be quite useful. Stag group members may stray away from the main group and that makes finding each other much easier.

Of course, you should not forget your phone charger. Make sure that your phone is fully charged before leaving your accommodations.

Cash + Plastic

No one ever leaves home without some cash and plastic for backup. Credit cards or debit cards are always useful in case you do not carry enough cash with you. For some, it is even safer than bringing too much cash.

So, make sure that you have all of those with you even if it’s a “just in case” thing. Always have those in your pockets. It is not uncommon for some stag group members to lose items or their wallets during such parties especially once they’re drunk. So, it’s better to keep those cards in your pocket instead of inside your wallet. That way, if you ever lose your wallet, you have something to use.

Energy Drinks

Everyone in the stag group will need their own dose of energy drinks especially if they’re having a stag weekend. Getting that additional dose of energy can ensure that you can drink more and party harder at night time.

A lot of stags can keep going on and on with energy drinks and loads of alcohol. So, make sure that you bring some of those too.

These are just three essential items that men should bring to stag parties. There are probably other items that may be brought as needed like a small first aid kit or some medicines in case of emergency.

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