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What Are You Passionate About? Create Your Own Stag Do

A man’s stag party does not always have to follow tradition. As a matter of fact, some men already know what they want to celebrate their last night of freedom. Kevin Kimmes happens to be one of those men. As an avid baseball fan, he already knew what he wanted for his stag do.

For him, it was something that he put off for some time thinking that it was not really possible. Number 139 on “The Baseball Fan’s Bucket List” book is to “throw out the first pitch.” Read on to see if his dream stag do became a reality.


Though this sport is not as popular in Europe as it is in the United States, everyone still knows about this sport. However, for Kevin, it was really the sport that he has known and loved for a very long time. That’s the reason why he bought that book.

In the US, there are all sorts of leagues for baseball from Little League which are composed of baseball teams for kids up to Major League for professional players. In between, there are also other leagues that compete within their region.

Dream Stag Do

When Kevin’s brother found out what he wanted, he jokingly asked if his brother was aiming to pitch for Little League. He also said that the Brewers might not allow him to make the first pitch in their game just because he’s getting married. Kevin said that he was aiming to pitch for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers instead.

His brother was surprised that the Rattlers were willing to let him throw the first pitch. Kevin was given the chance to do so on Cinco de Mayo, no less. In addition to pitching, he got to keep the ball and got the signature of the game’s catcher.

His dream was to have that special day spent doing baseball activities. That included throwing the first pitch at a game, tailgating, and batting at batting cages. Kevin Kimmes got the stag do that he wanted from the start and that makes his stag do a success.

What Stags Want

Other stags might not be into baseball as much as Kevin, but they surely have something that they are passionate about. Chances are, that would be football. Nowadays, there are a lot of alternative stag do activities that can even include a day at the stadium where one’s favorite team trains.

Just meeting and greeting those football stars can already make some stags’ dream come true. As much as possible, the stag party organizer should find out about such things before planning for a stag night or weekend for the celebrant. Just like Kevin, the groom-to-be might have his own bucket list of things that he’d want to do before getting married.

Planning for a stag night or weekend that the celebrant has always dreamed of having will make the whole affair unforgettable. That really is the way to go about celebrating a man’s last night or day of freedom.

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