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Carrick on Shannon’s Newest Stag Party Pub In Town

Stags in Carrick on Shannon knows exactly why the town is a hub for stag weekends. The nightlife here never sleeps! From the moment you step your foot in the main street of the town, there’s no stepping back. Y’all be experiencing the best nightlife in town, moving forward. If you’re planning for a stag weekend Carrick on Shannon, you gotta check out Carrick-on-Shannon’s Newest Stag Party Pub in Town.  

Stag party Carrick on Shannon

Stags in Carrick on Shannon Recommended Stag Party Pubs

The Barrelstore

Located in Bridge Street, the Barrelstore is a great pub to visit for you next stag weekends. According to the local stags in Carrick on Shannon, the Barrelstore offers good services through and through – games, food, and the moon river cruise – up to par experience! The people at the Barrelstore are absolute sweethearts and welcoming. 

Stag party Carrick on Shannon

Stags in Carrick on Shannon Recommended – The Barrelstore

Here’s a catch, though. Just be sure to book in advance because the place suits only a minimum of people. If you are 18 up, confirm the availability first to cause no headache at your stag weekend Carrick on Shannon party. 

Thumbs Up: Good Service

Thumbs Down: The number of people it can cater 

The Boardroom Cafe

Why do lads love the Boardroom Cafe? 

Loved by the stags in Carrick on Shannon ‘coz of its perfect nature spots. In some tables, the Shannon can be seen upfront. Imagine having a night stag party weekend in the Boardroom. It’ll be such a lovely night. 

Its European menu gives you all the good food from the leafy salads, to the creamy soup and pasta. All worth the stay! (The grilled chicken sandwich is to die for!) The Boardroom is such a favourite spot of stags in Carrick on Shannon and even the first-timers in town. 

Stag party Carrick on Shannon

Stags in Carrick on Shannon Recommended – The Boardroom (Photos in Album)

And because of that, you gotta wait for hours (literally) to be served. It is one of the most crowded pubs in town, so you better get some snacks while waiting. But, trying the food is what it’s worth. 

Thumbs Up: Wonderful location, good food 

Thumbs Down: Long queue and serving time 

Murtagh’s Bar 

Being new in the night scene does not stop Murtagh’s Bar to be one of the most visited pubs in Shannon. It’s even reviewed as the great craic, you better believe what the stags in Carrick on Shannon have to tell ye. 

Imagine going home from a stag weekend with a great stag party experience, nothing compares that crazy feeling. Murtagh’s Bar is an all win for the lads who like to enjoy a stag party with the nicest atmosphere. (With that kind of basement nightclub you’re looking for!)

Stag party Carrick on Shannon

Stags in Carrick on Shannon Recommended – Murtagh’s Bar

Great atmosphere might be grand, but the food can be improved. When having stag weekends with so many fun activities, great options for finger food is a must and not just some Pringles tubs. 

Thumbs Up: Unique atmosphere

Thumbs Down: Lack of finger food options. 

Old but Goodie 

Carrick on Shannon is a town of fun stag weekends. It’s already at the top of the game because of its amazing pubs and clubs in town. And since Stagit has already been at the top of stag party providers, we already know the old but goodie pubs for your perfect Carrick on Shannon stag parties. 

Dunne’s Bar

Stag party Carrick on Shannon

Stags in Carrick on Shannon Recommended – Dunne’s Bar

For ye sports lad, Dunne’s Bar is the perfect pub. Trust us, tis the Hen and Stag Party Central of town. Imagine viewing some sports shows in its 18 Screens. Feels like the real dome! Not only that, but it offers live entertainment while you’re doing your whiskey tasting stag party activity. 

The Anchorage Bar 

Stag party Carrick on Shannon

Stags in Carrick on Shannon Recommended – The Anchorage Bar

Last but never the least, the Anchorage Bar, one of Carrick on Shannon’s oldest pubs. It got all the best and most traditional Irish music you can listen to and feel like a real Irish man. Stags in Carrick on Shannon just keeps on coming back to this special place – almost called ‘home’ 

With all its range of traditional and international booze, whiskey, beers, ales – name it, they have it. We really recommend this place! 

Great Pubs, Great Stag Parties 

Real Irish men love booze and the pubs. Great stags in Carrick on Shannon know this by heart. But if you’re doing it for the first time, it might take so much of your effort. Having plenty of options is good but kinda gives you a bit of ache in the brain. 

That is why we suggest you view these Carrick on Shannon stag party packages we got for you. All-in, cross our hearts, most valued for your money!

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