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Delphi Resort

We’re about to spill the beans on the ultimate haven for your legendary stag party: Delphi Resort. Nestled in the heart of Connemara, County Galway, this place is a game-changer for stag party accommodations. Why you might ask? It’s because this place has a 4-star hotel and a hostel! Lucky for you we are about to give you the lowdown on this resort’s two epic accommodation options:

Wild Atlantic Hostel

Delphi Resort

Picture is taken from https://www.delphiadventureresort.com/

Now, let’s talk digs. Delphi Resort Hostel has rooms to suit every vibe – from shared rooms for plotting pranks to private sanctuaries for beauty sleep enthusiasts. En-suite, comfy beds, locker facilities, and reading lights for those late-night ghost stories. And the furnishings? Orla Kiely, darling! Stylish lounging awaits.

Hangout Havens

It’s not just a bed; it’s an experience. Does anyone have two communal lounges/games rooms with flat-screen TVs for sports or movie nights? Plus, there’s a room with cooking facilities, so you can whip up a feast fit for kings (or stags). 

And here’s the golden ticket – access to the spa, adventure activities, dining, and business facilities. Whether you’re relaxing, conquering the outdoors, feasting, or getting some work done between pints – it’s all here.

4-Star Hotel at Delphi Resort

Delphi Resort

Picture is taken from https://www.delphiadventureresort.com/

If the Wild Atlantic Hostel is the wild side, the 4-star hotel at Delphi Resort is the epitome of tranquility and indulgence.

Step into refined elegance with tastefully appointed rooms. Cozy doubles, spacious family suites, or opulent suites – each designed for maximum comfort. Plush furnishings, modern amenities, and a touch of Irish charm make these rooms a haven after a day of stag shenanigans.

Spa Bliss

Now, onto the good stuff – the award-winning spa. A sanctuary dedicated to your well-being. Massages, facials, body wraps – the works. Surrender to the hands of expert therapists and emerge feeling like a new man, ready to tackle whatever the stag weekend throws your way.

The accommodation here is so good that Richard Woodlow had to leave a 5 star review:

“This was a great last-minute find and perfect for our short break. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Although we stayed in the hostel the facilities were excellent and very clean and comfortable for us as a family. Stunning location as well. We will visit again and try out some of the outdoor activities. :-)” – Richard Woodlow


So, there you have it, lads! Whether you’re opting for the wild vibes of the Wild Atlantic Hostel or the refined bliss of the 4-star hotel, Delphi Resort has you covered. It’s more than accommodation; it’s an adventure, a retreat, and the ultimate stag party in Galway playground. Book your spot, pack your lucky charms, and get ready for a craic-filled weekend with this perfect stag party destination in Ireland.

The Kilkenny City Boutique Hostel

If you’re on the lookout for the ultimate spot to crash and celebrate your stag party in Kilkenny, look no further than the 5-star wonderland – the Kilkenny City Hostel. Nestled right in the city center, this place is your VIP ticket to the a cozy stag weekend in Ireland!


This Hostel Is Right In The Middle Of It All

Picture this: You stumble out of the Kilkenny City Hostel, and bam! You’re in the midst of the action. We’re talking Kilkenny Castle, St. Canice’s Cathedral, and all the pubs and grub joints you could ever dream of – all just a tipsy stumble away. 

Whether you’re the king of the castle or just looking for some top-notch craic, this is where the magic happens.

Rooms for the Rowdy

Sleeping arrangements? Sorted. From solo crash pads to party-sized suites that can handle up to 8 lads, the Kilkenny City Boutique Hostel has you covered. Lockers? Check. Private bathroom and shower? Double-check. And did we mention each room comes with a view that screams “we’re in the heart of it all”?












Plus, for all you burger enthusiasts out there, there’s a gourmet burger bar on-site. Because nothing says “stag weekend” like indulging in some seriously good grub.

A Hostel Full Of Amenities

Free Wi-Fi to update your mates on the night’s adventures? Check. A common room with TV and games for pre-gaming antics? Check. A guest kitchen for those who fancy themselves as the next Gordon Ramsay? Check, check, check. 

And if you find yourself running low on clean undies after an epic night out, fear not – laundry facilities are at your service.

Events to Remember

The Kilkenny City Hostel isn’t just a place to rest your head; it’s a party in itself. Regular events like pub crawls and movie nights ensure you’ll never be short of new mates to share a pint with. It’s the perfect way to break the ice and make memories that might be a bit fuzzy in the morning.

Why We Love It

Here at Stagit, we’ve teamed up with Kilkenny City Boutique Hostel to bring you the ultimate stag party experience.:

  • With 24-hour access and a security code system that rivals the Fort Knox, your safety and enjoyment are top priorities. 
  • Need somewhere to stash your gear? They’ve got luggage storage. 
  • Want to freshen up your threads? Laundry facilities got you covered. 
  • And if you’re rolling in with the wheels, snag a parking spot – they’ve got a few available for a fee.

Oh, and did we mention their Google rating? A solid 4.5 out of 5 with over 1,000 reviews. The people have spoken, and they’re shouting “book your stag weekend at Kilkenny City Boutique Hostel!”

Check out Dirk Hagemann’s testimonial that perfectly sums up what to expect in the Kilkenny City Hostel:

“Very nice place to stay in Kilkenny. Very friendly staff and clean rooms. A basic breakfast is also included. The neighborhood has many good pubs and restaurants.” – Dirk Hagemann

So, lads, it’s time to pack your bags and grab your mates. Stagil is waiting to show you a stag weekend with the Kilkenny City Hostel you’ll be talking about for years. Let the stag shenanigans begin!

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Planning the ultimate stag party in Galway can be like herding cats, but worry not, lads – we’ve uncovered the hidden gem that’ll make your shenanigans legendary. Drumroll, please… enter Snoozles Hostel Galway! 

snoozles hostel galway

Nestled in the heart of Galway City, Snoozles Hostel Galway opened in 2018, but here is the crazy part: it sits in a 400-year-old building! Let’s dive into why Snoozles is your go-to for an epic stag weekend.

Affordable Abode in Snoozles Hostels Galway

Snoozles Hostels Galway caters to all wallets – whether your mate Dave feels fancy and wants a private room or the rest of the crew is up for a dormitory adventure. And get this, free Wi-Fi everywhere! So, even when you’re chilling in your room planning the next move, you’re just a click away from updating the lads back home.

snoozles hostel galway

Every room and dorm at Snoozles Galway City Center boasts its bathroom and lockers – because no one wants to be the bloke who loses his keys on a stag do. Plus, the place is stacked with goodies – a garden, bike rental, a shared lounge for pre-gaming, a library for the intellectuals among you, a games room for the competitive souls, karaoke for the divas, and BBQ facilities for the grill masters. 

Breakfast buffet? Check. Mini-market on site? Check. Snoozles is the Willy Wonka factory of stag party accommodation.

Galway’s Epicenter

You won’t need a map and compass to find the best bits of Galway because Snoozles Hostels Galway is right smack in the middle of it all. A stone’s throw from Eyre Square, you can stumble back to your room after a night of Irish revelry. During the day, explore the city – pubs, restaurants, clubs, shops – all within a stag-friendly stagger.

Shop Street, the heartbeat of Galway, is a mere 10-minute stroll away. Lynch’s Castle and St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church – medieval wonders of Ireland – call this city home. And don’t miss the famous Spanish Arch, just a 12-minute walk from your newfound haven.

Awards on Awards

Snoozles isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a multi-award-winning beauty. We’re talking the Hostelworld Customer Choice Award 2023, the Hostelworld Awards 2023 for Best Hostel in Ireland, the Hoscars Award 2023 for Best Hostel in Ireland, the European Hostel Awards 2023 for Best Hostel in Ireland, and the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2023. It’s basically the Meryl Streep of hostels.

To top this all off, they even go above and beyond in their sustainability to reduce waste, water, energy & carbon consumption. Click here to know more!

Snoozles Hostel Galway is the canvas for your stag party in Ireland. Affordable, central, and loaded with accolades, it’s the Irish jackpot. So, lads, pack your bags, grab your stag horns, and get ready for a weekend that’ll make even the leprechauns jealous.

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