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Comedy Club Cork

Hotel and breakfast

To spend your stag weekend in style, you can check into some of the finest hotels in Cork and benefit from some really comfortable accommodation and quality service. The relaxed atmosphere will help you to unwind as you reflect on the big day ahead (and probably hatch an escape plan before it is too late). What’s more, you and your stags will be served with breakfast fit for a king and can choose any meal from the assorted hotel menu.

Comedy club

Add a comical twist to your stag weekend by visiting a comedy club hosted by Cork’s funniest stand up comedians. Not only will you and the stags be thoroughly entertained, the heavy doses of laughter will cure any anxiety issues that you may have. Cork is home to some of the most brilliant comedians of all time and you can be sure your chuckle muscles will be exercised to the limit. You and your mates will be left in such high spirits, you will be left begging for more.

VIP strip club entry

This is the only reason why you were planning a stag night in the first place so it should be as memorable as possible. With VIP entrance to a classy strip club, you are assured of fun with a capital F. You will be given your own semi private area in the strip club so you and the boys can enjoy yourselves as you watch some of the most beautiful girls in Cork city strip for you.

VIP night club entry

Your days as a reveler are likely to reduce significantly after you get married so do not let this night pass without sampling some of the best night clubs in Cork city. With VIP entry, you are guaranteed the time of your life as you will be given the best seats in the club and will be accorded VIP treatment by the staff. Immerse yourself in the music and dance the night away as you sip a cold beer or any other drink of your choice.


Laser Combat – Cork Package


Laser Combat

Laser combat games is the same fun filled adventure as paintball shooting except you wont be left with bruises. Like paintball shooting the games are usually held in the woodlands. You will be armed with a replica gun which has an accurate range of up to 100m. Each gun is also equipped with a grenade launche which you can use to kill a number of your enemy’s with a single shot.

Strip Club

The strip club, to some stag groups no stag party is complete without a visit to the strip club.


Clay Shooting in Cork

Cork is like a melting pot of different races and nationalities. That is not so surprising since this city has served as a major Irish seaport for many years. That implies that this city also served as safe harbor for a lot of tourists over the years. Some of those even chose to migrate in this city. Since the city center is on an island and built on the River Lee, you can anticipate enjoying lots of water based activities. Be that as it may, that is not all that Cork has to offer.

This city is known for its nightlife. What’s more is that you can also enjoy lots of outdoor recreational activities that do not necessarily take place on water as well. That is why Cork is among the best stag do destinations.

Stags that choose to have their stag weekend in this city can choose to enjoy various daytime activities that will be fun for the whole group like clay shooting. Clay pigeon shooting is a much better alternative to hunting because it does not really require licenses and it is not restricted by hunting seasons. All the same, stags can test their accuracy and precision by shooting moving target with clay shooting.

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