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Quading in Tralee

County Kerry is known for a number of towns that are very popular tourist destinations and Tralee is one of those. Tralee is actually the biggest town in the county and it possesses a lot of spots wherein you can see the beauty of nature. That is why it regularly attracts folks that enjoy relaxing walks or rides through such sceneries. At night, the town also has a vibrant nightlife to ensure that your nights in Tralee will also be fun.

That makes this town a great stag do destination for stags that love all those things mentioned above. Usually, stags would prefer to spend a stag weekend in this town rather than just a day because it gives them more time to enjoy what this town has to offer. If you choose to spend a stag weekend in this town, you might want to enjoy certain stag do activities like quading or four-wheeling.

Compared to biking or strolling around the town, quading is a unique way to see the sights and explore the town’s outskirts. It can be a lot of fun as well for stags that do not mind getting a little muddy as this bike can usually get past all sorts of terrain.

Quading in Kinsale

It is easy to see why Kinsale is among the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland. As the Gourmet Capital of Ireland, those that long for fine cuisine will definitely stop by in this fishing village. This town is actually located around 25 km from Cork City. Similar to Cork City, this town is surrounded by water making it great for water based activities such as yachting, sea angling, sailing, and more.

In addition to being a great summer holiday location, there is enough going on in Kinsale all year round. There’s always something happening at night too as this town has a vibrant nightlife. It has more than enough pubs, bars, and clubs for anyone to have an awesome evening in town. That is also why this town is the best stag do destination for a lot of men who will be tying the knot soon.

During the day, there are a lot of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy that do not necessarily take place on water.  Quading or four-wheeling will be one of those. Quading or riding a quad bike across all sorts of terrain can be a lot of fun for stags that do not mind getting muddy. It is a unique way to see the sights as well.

Clay Shooting in Cork

Cork is like a melting pot of different races and nationalities. That is not so surprising since this city has served as a major Irish seaport for many years. That implies that this city also served as safe harbor for a lot of tourists over the years. Some of those even chose to migrate in this city. Since the city center is on an island and built on the River Lee, you can anticipate enjoying lots of water based activities. Be that as it may, that is not all that Cork has to offer.

This city is known for its nightlife. What’s more is that you can also enjoy lots of outdoor recreational activities that do not necessarily take place on water as well. That is why Cork is among the best stag do destinations.

Stags that choose to have their stag weekend in this city can choose to enjoy various daytime activities that will be fun for the whole group like clay shooting. Clay pigeon shooting is a much better alternative to hunting because it does not really require licenses and it is not restricted by hunting seasons. All the same, stags can test their accuracy and precision by shooting moving target with clay shooting.

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