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The capital of County Sligo is an attractive town with good bars and restaurants, theatres, art galleries and delicatessens. More and more stags are making their way to Sligo because of all the lively craic that can be had in this town that’s full of warm and friendly people.

The pubs and clubs are stag friendly as proprietors know that they are a good for Sligo’s economy. With plenty of places to visit and activity’s to partake you’re guaranteed a good stag weekend. We’ve had numerous stag parties who went back to Sligo after being so pleased with their first visit.

Below is a list of accommodation and activities nearby that will make your stag party memorable.……

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Quading in Sligo

The Land of Heart’s Desire, Sligo, is the county town of County Sligo and it got that name for a number of reasons. For one, this town really is blessed by nature offering lots of magnificent sceneries. As a major commercial port, this town really had its share of visitors over time. Since it does have beautiful sights to see, this town draws a lot of nature lovers and those that enjoy outdoor recreational activities. To add to that this town has certain tourist attractions worth visiting too such as Yeats’ grave and Carrowmore.

What’s more, this town has a lively nightlife. All those reasons combined did make Sligo a well-liked stag do destination. Rather than spending your stag night in this town, you might want to extend that and make it a stag weekend. By doing so, you can try most of the things that this town has to offer.Rather than spending your stag night in this town, you might want to extend that and make it a stag weekend. By doing so, you can try most of the things that this town has to offer. There are awesome daytime stag do activities to enjoy like quading. Quading is a great way to see the sights away from the town proper too.

Paintballing in Sligo

A commercial port in the western part of Ireland, Sligo has its regular visitors. For sure, those who enjoy water sports will have a really great time in this town. They can enjoy surfing and deep sea fishing among other water sports. After a day on the beach or water, they can also get a taste of this town’s nightlife. Lovers of literature and history will also have reason to visit this town. W.B. Yeats’ grave is a popular tourist destination. History buffs might want to visit Carrowmore which is the biggest and oldest megalithic cemetery dating back to 5,000 BC.

Besides being a popular tourist destination, this town is now a popular stag do destination as well. Stags that enjoy the activities mentioned above will love this town. Actually, there are lots of other reasons for stags to spend their last moments of freedom in Sligo. Besides going to the beach and enjoying water sports, there are other sorts of activities to enjoy on land.

Stags will have a great time paintballing in this town. It has beautiful outdoors and that combined with certain obstacles can make paintballing a memorable experience. There are a variety of paintball games that the whole group will enjoy.

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