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Blindfold Driving at Xtreme.ie

This whacky driving event (usually done as part of a full or half day team building day) is great fun but extremely challenging – if not a little different. We actually Blindfold the driver and make them tackle our bamboo obstacle course in our 4×4 vehicles. After the initial brief and tour of the course by your instructor, the scene is set. Each driver will be blindfolded; the remaining team members will be in the rear of the vehicle and will use verbal commands to navigate the driver around the course.

Each driver starts off with 10 points. If your vehicle touches a bamboo you loose a point, if you knock over a bamboo you loose five points and so on… Ultimately you can end up with a very large minus score very quickly if not careful. So the team to have the highest score at the end of the day will be the winning team.

Usually the first driver is the guinea pig, this person will make the most mistakes and the navigators will really learn how to communicate more effectively after the 1sy driver. As the team completes the course each time with a different driver they will get more and more experience and by the time they come to the last driver, they should in theory get a clear round and retain all 10 points. This is not a physical challenge and is available for people of all levels of fitness.

Fact File
Numbers: 8+
Locations: Any location with a large field / empty car park.
Duration: 40 minutes – One Hour, per group
Additional Information: All drivers must be able to drive a car and have a driver’s license.
Communication is key in any business, team members will learn quickly to communicate together otherwise there are serious consequences and points will be deducted accordingly.
Teams will learn as the go, it’s a progressive challenge. Each time they drive the course they will see other better ways of improving on their score and ultimately will figure out how to achieve success while working together.

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