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Carrick Boat & Bike Hire

Looking for the perfect boat hire Carrick-on-Shannon offers? Carrick Boat & Bike Hire is your golden ticket to riverside revelry. Picture this: you and your mates, a Chinese Dragon Boat, and the mighty River Shannon – now, that’s a recipe for some serious craic!


Dragon Boat Duel: Tug-of-Water-War

At Carrick Boat & Bike Hire, we take a new level of stag party celebrations in Carrick-on-Shannon. Ever dreamt of staging an epic ‘tug-of-water-war’ on a Chinese Dragon Boat? Well, now’s your chance. 

Climb aboard, get a short lesson, and brace yourselves for the ultimate showdown against your fellow stags. Winning team? Bragging rights for the night – no questions asked!

Paddle into Stag Legend: Dragonboat Race in Carrick Bay

For the larger crews looking to kick it up a notch, we offer Dragonboat races in Carrick Bay. After a quick paddle practice, challenge your mates to a high-octane race. 

Trust us; the adrenaline rush is the perfect warm-up for the night’s festivities. And, of course, the winning team gets the ultimate prize – eternal bragging rights.

SUP, Paddle, and Plunge

Fancy a test of balance and stamina? Opt for a Stand Up Paddle Board lesson and river paddle. We guarantee a stag or two will take an unexpected plunge – the ultimate photo op. Don’t worry about the Irish weather; we’ve got you covered with snug wetsuits and life jackets.

Explore the Shannon Blueway: More than Just Boat Hire

But wait, there’s more! Carrick Boat & Bike Hire isn’t just about boats; it’s your gateway to the Shannon Blueway. This aquatic wonderland offers a network of waterways where you can unleash your inner adventurer with canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Not to mention off-road hiking and cycling trails– why limit the fun to the water?

Stag-Approved Seasons and Packages

We’re no fair-weather friends. Our boat hire Carrick-on-Shannon is open from March to October, ensuring you can plan your stag shenanigans regardless of the season. And here’s the kicker – we’ve got rental packages to suit all budgets. From the budget-conscious to the ballers, we’ve got you covered.

Carrick Boat & Bike Hire is where the Shannon becomes your playground, and the craic never stops. Get in touch, book your boat, and let the stag adventure of a lifetime begin. Cheers to making waves and unforgettable memories with our boat hire, Carrick-on-Shannon! 

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