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Castlecomer Discovery Park

Lads, prepare yourselves for a tale of adventure in the heart of Ireland! Castlecomer Discovery Park, a stunning 80-acre wonderland nestled in the lush landscapes of County Kilkenny, is more than just a park – it’s a stag party destination waiting to be explored. Oh, and did we mention that Stagit and Castlecomer Discovery Park have joined forces to make your stag do an epic experience?

castlecomer park

Picture 80 acres of pure excitement, right in the heart of County Kilkenny, Ireland. Castlecomer Discovery Park isn’t your average park; it’s a place where age is just a number, and adventure is the name of the game.

Adventure Unleashed: Brace Yourselves!

Let’s cut to the chase – we present the heart-pounding adventures in Castlecomer Discovery Park that will make you and your mates the stuff of stag party legends.

  • Zip It Good: Ireland’s Wildest Zip Line: 300 meters of pure madness, 35 meters high. This isn’t your granny’s zip line; this is an adrenaline-pumping joyride with views that will make you question if you’re still on Earth.
  • Walking on Air: Treetop Walk: Hanging out in the trees, because walking on solid ground is too mainstream. It’s a nature hug up high – the kind that comes with a surge of excitement.
  • Celtic Climbing: Conquer the Wall: Channel your inner warrior on the climbing wall. Conquer the heights, and you’ll be boasting like a Celtic champion at the local pub.
  • Archery and Axe Throwing: Be the hero you were born to be – try your hand at archery and axe throwing. Hit the bullseye, and you’re practically a modern-day Irish legend.
  • Boating and Canoeing: Glide across the lakes like you own the place, with banter flowing as freely as the Irish whiskey.
  • Mountain Biking: Trails that are like a rollercoaster through the woods. Challenge accepted? You’re darn right!
  • Fishing Lake: For the chilled lads, try fishing by the tranquil lake. Reel in a tale of the one that almost got away – a tale to rival any fisherman’s yarn.
  • Wanderluster Trails: Stroll or hike through the park’s walking trails. It’s nature, fresh air, and exercise – the perfect combo for adventure-seeking stag squads!

“Perfect place for adventure and relax for all ages. Good choice of sport  activities, parking spaces for a fee, coffee and art shops, toilets, interactive mining museum, small free playground.”Luda Macejkova

Luda Macejkova perfectly described the Castlecomer Discovery Park experience!

Refuel Like Champions: Stagit’s Inside Scoop

“But where do we fill our bellies?” Hold your horses; we’ve got you covered. Stagit and Castlecomer Discovery Park are tag-teaming to ensure your stomachs and spirits are in top form.

Refuel at the restaurant with hearty Irish stew, bangers and mash, and wash it all down with a pint of the black stuff. Hit the bar, grab a pint, clink glasses, and toast to the making of unforgettable memories.

In a nutshell, Castlecomer Park is not just a place; it’s a legendary experience. It’s where adventure meets swagger, and every lad becomes a hero. So, dust off that quirky stag attire, rally the troops, and dive into a stag party in Kilkenny that’ll have you yelling, “Ye-haw!” or something way more Irish-sounding.

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