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Cocktail Classes at Cocktail Classes Ireland

cocktail making classes

Looking to stir up some pre-wedding fun that’s as fabulous as your bridal squad? Look no further – we’ve got the scoop on the hottest ticket in town: Cocktail-making classes in Ireland! Prepare for an event that’s part of a cocktail crash course, mixology magic, and all-around good times.

Mixing and Mingling

Let’s kick things off with the promise of an unforgettable hen party in Ireland where everyone can play bartender for a day. Imagine you and your girl gang shaking up the ultimate concoctions under the guidance of expert mixologists. Yep, that’s the vibe we’re talking about!

Sip & Learn

It is not just about the ‘pour and sip’ – this class is a full-on adventure into the world of mixology. Picture yourselves learning the secret art of mixing, shaking, and stirring like the pros. The best part? You’ll uncover the fascinating history behind your favorite tipples. It’s like a boozy history lesson but with way more laughs!

Cosmo Kick-off

Everyone starts with a classic Cosmopolitan to break the ice and set the tone for an epic evening. Cue the clinking glasses and infectious laughter as the festivities begin.

Shake It Up!

Divided into two teams, get ready to unleash your creativity and master the art of making some of the most popular cocktails out there. The fun doesn’t stop there – there’s a friendly competition in the mix! The bride-to-be plays judge and jury, choosing the winning team. Spoiler alert: the prize is not just bragging rights – it’s sipping on your winning creation!

Your Venue, Your Rules

Whether you want the party at your place or a centrally located venue, Cocktail Classes Ireland covers you. It’s all about flexibility, darling! They offer packages for 3 to 5 cocktails, ensuring everyone in your fabulous group gets a chance to mix, drink, and be merry under the watchful eye of a seasoned mixologist.

It’s indeed a good holiday for the ladies, but here’s the good news: This is an excellent activity for the lads on their stag party in Ireland, too! Book Cocktail Classes Ireland for a night of sips, giggles, and memories that’ll last a lifetime!

Planning a stag party? We’ve got you covered throughout Ireland, from the lively streets of Galway to the charming vibes of Carrick on Shannon and the bustling energy of Kilkenny.

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