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Dive into Stag Party Fun at Dunmore East Wibit Aquapark

Imagine a blow-up stag party destination on the water with swings, slides, cliffs, spinners, and a towering action palace where you can unleash your inner Aquaman. That’s exactly what Dunmore East Wibit Aquapark is, and did we mention the water trampolines? It’s like your childhood water fights grew up and got a serious upgrade.

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Who’s in for the Splashy Shenanigans?

Here’s the deal, mates – if you’re 7 and up and stand at least 110cm tall, you’re golden. Stag party, family day out, or just a wild day with your mates – Dunmore East Wibit is the aquatic haven you never knew you needed.

What’s in Store?

The main act is the inflatable obstacle course – swings, slides, cliffs, you name it. Plus, a 5-meter action tower for a slide, climb, and jump session that’ll make your nan proud. But hold onto your trunks, there’s more – climbing walls and balance beams for an extra splash of challenge.

Plus, one of the things people love here is the staff:

All the staff are pure sound. The facilities and gear are all excellent. Shout out to Adam who took us on a kayak tour. Really nice guy. Put everyone at ease. At one point Adam sped off on his own to pick up a bottle that was floating on the sea. One of the many small things I noticed that shows the respect he has for the area. Highly recommend Dunmore Adventure. – John Keane

Safety First, Banter a Close Second

Worried about safety? Chill out! Dunmore East Wibit has safety covered – wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets – all in check. Trained staff are keeping a hawk’s eye on things, so you can focus on perfecting your epic water entrance.

When and Where?

Located in the scenic Dunmore East, County Waterford, Ireland, it’s a stone’s throw from the majestic Dunmore East Bay.  It’s the ultimate pitstop for the lads if you’re near a stag party hotspot like Kilkenny.

The Unbeatable Banter Combo

Guess what? Stagit and Dunmore East Wibit have teamed up to make your adventure extra memorable. Whether it’s a stag party or just a day of madness with mates, check out our packages for the ultimate splash-and-stag experience.

In a nutshell, Dunmore East Wibit Aquapark is where fun meets water, and adventure meets the Irish spirit. So, gather your mates, gear up in your wetsuits, and get ready for a day that’s wet, wild, and full of banter. Dive in, lads, and let the splashy saga begin! 

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