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Great Escape Rooms Galway

27 Upper Abbeygate Street,
Galway City Centre

Website: www.greatescaperooms.ie

Phone: 091536979

Email: greatescaperoomsgalway@gmail.com

Opening hours: 10am to 10 pm


Summary: What is an escape room?

Step into the captivating world of Great Escape Rooms Galway, where the thrill of adventure awaits. As you step into the locked escape room, an immersive experience begins, engulfing you and your team for a full 60 minutes. During this time, your everyday lives fade away, leaving you entirely focused on one sole objective: escape.


Feel the surge of adrenaline coursing through your veins as excitement fills the air. Tension builds as the minutes tick away, urging you to push your limits and unravel the room’s mysteries. Laughter and camaraderie become the soundtrack of your journey, fostering a sense of unity and strengthening the bonds among your stag party in Galway.


Unveil the secrets concealed within the room’s walls, each discovery bringing you closer to the ultimate reward… the Great Escape.


Cost of Group sizes in one room:

  • 10 ppl – 170 euro, 17 per person
  • 9 ppl – 153 euro, 17 per person
  • 8 ppl – 136 euro, 17 per person
  • 7 ppl – 119 euro, 17 per person
  • 6 ppl – 114 euro, 19 per person
  • 5 ppl – 95 euro, 19 euro per person
  • 4 ppl – 80 euro, 20 euro per person
  • 3 ppl – 60 euro, 20 euro per person
  • 2 ppl – 44 euro, 22 euro per person

Rooms details

Virtual Reality Room

We offer two exhilarating games at Great Escape Rooms Galway, but please note that only one game can be played at a time. Each game provides a unique and captivating experience, designed to challenge and entertain participants. Let’s explore these thrilling adventures:

Mind Horror 1 & 2


escape room galway

Our Physical rooms
The Auld Shebeen
Easy difficulty
Good for 2- 10 players
Best for elderly participants
Story of the room:
Embark on an exhilarating quest to uncover the enigmatic secret recipe left behind by the eccentric Brendan Barney. Will your intellect and resourcefulness prove superior to that of a formidable team of lawyers in the ultimate race to acquire the formula for the most delectable beer? Prepare to engage your mind as you navigate through a labyrinth of challenges, using every ounce of wit and cunning to emerge victorious before the relentless countdown expires.

Harness the power of your keen observation skills to unearth hidden secrets scattered throughout the brewing sanctuary. Each clue discovered, each subtle hint unraveled, brings you one step closer to deciphering the coveted recipe. Immerse yourself in an immersive experience where every moment counts, and the clock ticks incessantly.

escape room galway

The Vault
Medium difficulty
Good for 2-8 players
Story of the room:
Great Escape Rooms Galway presents an irresistible opportunity that thrusts you back into a world of thrilling heists and daring escapades. Picture this: your old partner in crime, a small-time jewel thief renowned for his knack of finding trouble, has just been released from prison. With his selfless act of taking the fall for you and your crew during the ill-fated last heist, he now calls upon a long-overdue favor.

As you cautiously listen to his proposition, you can’t help but feel a mix of skepticism and curiosity. After all, he’s always had a knack for conjuring foolproof schemes, even from behind bars. The allure of one last score, a chance to settle your debt, proves too enticing to ignore. Reluctantly, you find yourself drawn back into a world of calculated risks and adrenaline-fueled missions.

The plan appears solid, meticulously crafted to ensure success. Your partner’s unwavering confidence only fuels your curiosity, as visions of 50,000 euros worth of sparkling diamonds and cash dance in your mind. The promise of an equal split lingers in the air, tempting you to embark on this perilous journey together.

But be warned, luck will be your most elusive ally. The odds are stacked against you, and the path to triumph is riddled with unforeseen obstacles. The shadows of uncertainty loom large, testing your resolve and resourcefulness at every turn.

escape room galway

The Quarantine Hospital
Hard Difficulty
Good for 2-10 players
Story of the room:
Great Escape Rooms Galway presents a spine-tingling adventure, where mysteries unravel and the pursuit of freedom takes center stage. Picture this: while traversing the captivating wilderness, you stumble upon an abandoned structure concealed amidst the woods. Intrigued yet cautious, you and your intrepid friends venture inside, only to discover the chilling remnants of a top secret experiment gone awry.

Within the walls of this forgotten sanctuary, an air of unease fills the atmosphere. As the door ominously shuts behind you, a shiver races down your spine. Trapped within its confines, a sense of foreboding engulfs you. What malevolent presence lurks in the shadows? What dark secrets lie buried within these walls? Your escape hinges on unraveling the truth that lies dormant, eager to be uncovered.

Great Escape Rooms Galway beckons you to summon your courage and embark on a journey of revelation. Traverse the dimly lit corridors, your senses heightened as you navigate the remnants of this enigmatic experiment. Puzzles and challenges await, intricately designed to test your intellect and unravel the mysteries that hold you captive.


escape room galway

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