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great escape rooms galway

Picture is taken from https://greatescaperooms.ie/

Greetings, lads! Looking to spice up your stag party in Ireland with an adventure that’ll have the whole squad buzzing? Say no more – we’ve got the scoop on Great Escape Rooms Galway, the ultimate game-changer for your Irish lads’ getaway.

Where We’re At

First off, mark this spot – 27 Upper Abbeygate Street, Galway City Centre. That’s the doorway to the thrill factory we call Great Escape Rooms Galway. Easy to find, impossible to forget.

Open for Action

Timing is key, and we get that. We’re open from 10 am to 10 pm – the prime window to weave escapades into your epic stag party plans. Early birds or night owls, the adventure is ready when you are.

What’s the Story of Escape Rooms?

great escape rooms galway

Picture is taken from https://greatescaperooms.ie/

Picture this: you and your mates, trapped in a room, ticking clock, and a mission – escape in 60 minutes. It’s a real-life puzzle, where every twist unravels a mystery. Adrenaline? Check. Team camaraderie? Double-check.

The Scoop on Pricing

Let’s talk numbers. The cost varies based on your squad size. From 10 mates at 17 euros each to an intimate duo at 22 euros per person – there’s a room for every budget. We’re making sure no stag gets left behind!

The Escape Room Lineup

great escape rooms galway

Picture is taken from https://greatescaperooms.ie/

So, what can you expect inside our locked realms of excitement? Feast your eyes on these:

The Auld Shebeen – Easy Difficulty

Ideal for 2 to 10 players, this one’s for the beer-loving lads. You’re on a quest for a secret beer recipe, racing against lawyers. Wit, cunning, and maybe a bit of luck will lead you to victory.

The Vault – Medium Difficulty

Calling all risk-takers! Your partner in crime is back, and you’re after a glittering heist. 50,000 euros worth of diamonds and cash are on the line, but beware – luck might play hard to get.

The Quarantine Hospital – Hard Difficulty

Ready for spine-tingling? Venture into a top-secret experiment gone awry. Trapped, you must uncover dark secrets to escape. Get ready for puzzles that’ll test your wits.

It’s not just an escape; it’s a legendary quest. Laughter, teamwork, and the sweet taste of victory – it’s the stag party you’ll be reminiscing about for ages. Plus, we’re right in the heart of Galway, ensuring your escapades are a hop, skip, and a jump away from Eyre Square.

Ready for the Challenge?

Alright, lads, there you have it – the lowdown on why Great Escape Rooms Galway is the stag party jackpot. So, round up your lads, pick a room, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Ireland that’ll make your stag party the stuff of legends. Don’t just celebrate, escape with style. Sláinte to unforgettable adventures! For more details on the perfect venue, check out stag party locations in Ireland.

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