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If you lads are looking for splashing fun at your stag party in Ireland then KAYAKMÓR is the ultimate playground for all you thrill-seeking folks. Whether you’re a kayaking virgin or a salty sea dog, we’ve got tours and courses to suit your salty needs. From rookies to seasoned paddlers, everyone’s invited to ride the kayaking Galway waves with us.

kayaking Galway

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We reckon kayaking in Galway is the bee’s knees for all types of stag party groups. Ready to get your feet wet? Let’s chat about our rollicking tours.

Kayaking Galway Tours to Tickle Your Fancy

  • Day Tours: Picture this – you, a kayak, and the stunning Galway coastline. Our day tours, ranging from 2 to 4 hours, are perfect for newbies wanting a taste of the salty life.
  • Half-Day Tours: Short on time but big on adventure? Our half-day tours (1 to 2 hours) are just the ticket for a quick dip in the kayak pool.
  • Multi-Day Tours: Seasoned paddler? Join us on our multi-day escapades (2 to 4 days) to explore the hidden gems along the Galway coastline. Remote, beautiful, and just a tad wild – it’s the real deal.

Courses for the Kayak Connoisseur

Not just tours, folks! We’re also dishing out courses hotter than a bowl of spicy curry chips.

  • Beginners’ Courses: If you’re a paddling Padawan, our beginner courses are your gateway to kayaking Galway greatness. Learn the basics – paddling, safety, and gear – like a true water warrior.
  • Intermediate Courses: Already dipped your toes? Our intermediate courses will sharpen your sea skills. Think sea kayaking techniques, navigation tricks, and rescue wizardry.
  • Advanced Courses: Ready for the big leagues? Our advanced courses throw you into the deep end with surf kayaking, rock gardening, and even kayak fishing. Now, that’s a reel adventure!

Why KAYAKMÓR is the Paddler’s Paradise

  • Top-Notch Guides: Our guides are not just good – they’re flip-your-kayak-and-laugh good. Certified and experienced, they’ll make sure your adventure is safe and downright fun.
  • Small is Beautiful: We like it cozy. Small groups mean you get more face time with your guide, and we can tailor the experience to fit you like a snug life jacket.
  • Views That Wow: Our tours take you to the jaw-dropping, postcard-perfect spots along the Galway coastline. It’s not just kayaking; it’s a front-row seat to Mother Nature’s greatest show.
  • Affordable Awesomeness: Who says adventure breaks the bank? We keep our prices competitive, so you can spend more on post-paddle pints.

If you’re looking for the best kayaking spots in Galway, you can click here to check out Galway Kayak Club’s list.

Why Kayakmor.ie? Because We’re Sound!

If you’re sniffing around for a good time at your stag party in Galway, look no further. KAYAKMÓR is the name, and kayaking Galway is the game. So, round up your mates, book a trip, and let’s make waves together. Your stag party just got a whole lot cooler, mate!

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