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Experience the Best of Kilkenny at Kilford Arms Hotel

So you’ve decided that you and the lads will be celebrating your groom’s stag party in Kilkenny and you don’t know which accommodation to choose, well, let me introduce you to a hotel nestled right in the beating heart of the city, Kilford Arms Kilkenny is your ultimate base camp for soaking up the vibrant spirit of Kilkenny. 

Kilford Arms Kilkenny

Explore Without the Trek

Say goodbye to marathon walks – Kilford Arms Hotel Kilkenny is right in the thick of it all. A mere stagger (or a noble saunter, depending on your style) from the main bus and railway station, Kilkenny Castle (renowned among the most beautiful castles in the world), and other hotspots, you won’t need GPS to find the good times. 

Kilford Arms Kilkenny

We’ve strategically positioned ourselves for your convenience – stumble out and find yourself amidst the action in no time.

Beds Fit for Champions

Stagit and Kilford Arms Kilkenny have teamed up to make sure your stay is nothing short of epic. With 70 bedrooms ranging from comfy crash pads to family-friendly suites, each one is a snug haven after a night of shenanigans. En-suite? Absolutely. Comfy beds? You bet. 

Kilford Arms Kilkenny

Satellite TV for post-party wind-downs? Naturally. Plus, some rooms even boast views that’ll have you thinking, “I could get used to this.”

The Facilities Here are Deadly

Need a pitstop before conquering the next pub? Kilford Arms Kilkenny has not one but two bars ready to quench your thirst. O’Faolain’s, a pub so Irish it practically has a pot of gold behind the bar, is built over three levels, including the ruins of a 16th-century church – holy craic, Batman! PVS Bar is where live bands and karaoke nights transform ordinary nights into legendary tales.

Feel a bit peckish? The White Oak Restaurant is here to elevate your taste buds with local delights. And the icing on the cake? Free parking in the city center – yes, you read that right.

Unforgettable Night Time Entertainment

Live music? Check. Regular entertainment? Double-check. Kilford Arms Kilkenny isn’t just a place to rest your head; it’s a stage for unforgettable nights. If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere, you’re in the right spot.

The craic here is so good that Marc Cabillic decided to book his accommodation there twice:

“I went twice in Kilford Arms and had a great experience each time. The food is gorgeous and the beds are really comfortable. Great location, less than five minutes by foot to the city center.”Marc Cabillic

Did You Know?: Haunted Whispers and Secrets

Get ready for a spine-tingler – Kilford Arms Hotel rests on a medieval graveyard’s echoes. Room 207? Some guests say it hosts a spectral visitor – the ghost of a young woman with a tragic tale. As for the rumored secret tunnel to Kilkenny Castle? Detective skills required.

And, oh, the award-winning O’Faolain’s Bar? Numerous accolades for design and atmosphere – a certified fact!

Stagit’s master stag party planning and Kilford Arms Kilenny’s cozy accommodation – the dream team for your stag party in Ireland. Get ready for a weekend that’ll make Kilkenny folklore include your name. Book your spot now at Kilford Arms Kilkenny and let the good times roll! 

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