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Howaya lads! If you’re gearing up for a stag party destination that’s more action-packed than a game of hurling, you’re in the right place. Stagit has teamed up with the legends at Kilkenny Airsoft to bring you an airsoft Kilkenny package that’s straight out of a Call of Duty session – minus the respawn time!

airsoft Kilkenny

Indoor Shooting Range – Where Targets Fear to Tread:

Step into our indoor shooting range, and you’re not just facing off against some static bullseye. Nope, we’re talking about interactive paper and steel targets that mimic real-life scenarios. It’s like a James Bond movie, only you’re the star.

No need for manual target resetting – our automated system does the job, adding instant scoring to your every shot. Want a bit of variety in your artillery? Choose from an arsenal of airsoft pistols, rifles, and even a machine gun, depending on your package. Safety first, folks – goggles and headphones are non-negotiable, and our shooting bays are so enclosed and well-ventilated, even the air is scared to misbehave!

Outdoor Battlezone – Tactical Mayhem Unleashed:

Take the airsoft Kilkenny action outdoors and choose your mission – “Search and Destroy,” “Capture the Flag,” or relive epic video game battles. The battlefield? It’s a terrain of bunkers, trenches, and buildings, giving you more cover than a sheep in a bog.

Rent camouflage overalls, vests, and gear up for an immersive experience. Trained marshals keep things fair and square, making sure everyone plays by the rules. It’s like being in your own action movie, minus the CGI and with way more banter!

Axe Throwing and Archery – Because Targets Need Some Variety:

And for the lads who fancy a change of pace, we’ve got axe throwing and archery. Trained instructors guide you through the basics, ensuring you don’t accidentally hit your mate instead of the target.

Competitive streak kicking in? Challenge your mates and see who can hit the bullseye first. Just keep it friendly; we don’t want any family feuds before the big day.

Please note, the axe throwing and archery are weather-dependent, so check give us a shout for the lowdown on their availability.

And for the parents out there, this is also a great place to have fun with your boys. Check out Isla Moose’s review of Kilkenny Airsoft:

“Great place to go so much fun! Brought my 9 year old and his 3 friends here today for his birthday. The owners are so friendly and helpful! They supported the boys and the level of service is 100% highly recommend! Boys had a great time!” – Isla Moose

So, there you have it – an airsoft Kilkenny adventure that’ll have the lads talking for years. Stagit’s got your back, and Kilkenny Airsoft is ready to turn your stag party in Kilkenny into a full-blown action movie. Get ready for a day of banter, battles, and bonding – book your airsoft Kilkenny adventure now!

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