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Kilkenny Cycle Tours and Bike Hire

At Kilkenny Cycling Tours, we’re all about two-wheeled adventures. We’ve got guided tours that’ll take you through the heart and soul of Kilkenny, hitting up iconic stag party spots like Kilkenny Castle, Black Abbey, and more. No need to worry about traffic – we’ll be cruising along the riverbank paths and weaving through charming backstreets. 

Feel like going solo? Grab one of our trusty bikes and pedal your way through the medieval magic of Kilkenny.

Guided Cycling Tour

Morning or afternoon, our guided cycling tours are a blast. Explore historical gems and hidden treasures while covering about 10km of Kilkenny’s charm. It’s like a pub crawl on pedals, minus the pints (for now!).


You and the lads will learn so much in this tour just like Felicity:


“Like to cycle to see a city?  Interested to learn amazing history from a knowledgeable guide?  Take the 2-hour tour.  Easy ride with not a lot of grade change.   Ronan was super interesting and safely guided us along the River Nore pathway and through medieval streets!  There were 7 of us on the tour this afternoon on a glorious sunny day.  You’ll end up with such an appreciation of history and city building!  See and learn about hidden gems that you can visit at your leisure.  A lasting memory!  Thank you.” – Felicity Adams

Guided Cycling Sunset Tour

Picture this – Kilkenny at sunset, a bike, and your mates. Our sunset tour adds a touch of magic to your evening, covering the main attractions and a sneaky 10km ride along the River Nore because nothing says ‘stag-do’ like chasing the sunset on two wheels!

Bike ‘N’ Hike

Fancy a mix of biking and hiking? Hire a bike, cruise to Bennettsbridge, and explore local craft spots like Moth To A Flame candle makers & Nicholas Mosse Pottery. Top it off with a pint at The Corner House Local Pub, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Irish day out. Stagit-approved, of course!

Bike Hire

Want your own set of wheels for the day? We’ve got you covered. Rent a bike from Kilkenny Cycling Tours and get the full freedom to explore. Stagit even hooks you up with bike delivery to your doorstep – now that’s service!

Tandem Bike Hire

Feeling adventurous? Grab a tandem bike, perfect for mates with balance quirks or those who just want to share the ride. Limited availability, so book in advance and be the talk of the town!

And here’s the scoop, lads – Stagit and Kilkenny Cycling Tours are in cahoots to make your stag weekend in Kilkenny legendary. So, when you’re planning the ultimate lads’ getaway, pedal your way to adventure with us. The streets of Kilkenny await, and so does the craic!

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