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A Craic-ing Staycation: Self-Catering in Kilkenny

self catering kilkenny

Howya folks! If you’re looking for the perfect blend of comfort, freedom, and adventure during your stay in Kilkenny, then self-catering is the way to go! No need to worry about rushing for breakfast or adhering to strict schedules – just do things at your own pace. We’ll show you why Kilkenny is the best stag party location in Ireland, and to top it off, we’ll also answer all your questions about the self-catering Kilkenny experience and show you why it’s the bee’s knees for your next getaway.

The Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Kilkennyself catering kilkenny

Ah, sure, you’ve landed in Kilkenny, and now you’re on the hunt for the perfect self-catering digs to call home during your stay. Fear not, my friend, for we’ve gathered a delightful bunch of self-catering spots that’ll make your heart dance an Irish jig! So, without further ado, here are the top self-catering havens in Kilkenny:

The Gables & Longbowe Holiday Homes

If you’re looking for a snug retreat steeped in history, The Gables & Longbowe self-catering accommodation is your pot of gold! It’s an 18th-century fishing lodge restored by the charming owner, Kevin, back in 1989. 

As soon as you arrive, prepare to be greeted like family by Kevin and Joan, and you’ll be treated to a warm Irish welcome that’ll make you feel right at home.

Inside your cozy cottage, you’ll find a “Welcome Pack” of heavenly home baking, ready to satisfy your taste buds. Wake up to the sweet serenade of birdsong and feast your eyes on ponies grazing in the fields. After a day gallivanting around Kilkenny, why not head to the River Nore and try your luck at catching some fresh fish for a mouthwatering supper? 

And if you’re craving some traditional Irish tunes, just pop over to a local pub for a night of merry music.

The Gables & Longbowe is the perfect place to experience all the charm of Kilkenny and get a taste of the Sunny South East. You’ll leave with a heart full of memories and a smile as wide as the River Nore.

Beechview Apartments Kilkenny

Fancy a luxurious and spacious self-catering escape? Beechview Apartments in Kilkenny City have got you covered! Open since 2006, they’ve been on a mission to provide the comfiest short-term and long-term accommodation for visitors to this medieval gem of a city.

Located just a mile from Kilkenny City, these apartments are a stone’s throw away from the city’s bustling life, with all the shops, entertainment, and must-visit attractions like Kilkenny Castle and the Medieval Mile Museum. You’ll feel like royalty as you use Beechview Apartments as your regal base to explore the entire South East of Ireland.

Croan Cottages Kilkenny

For a taste of traditional charm and modern comfort, head straight to Croan Cottages. Nestled on the grounds of an 18th-century Irish Manor House, these recently built, traditional-style cottages are like a countryside dream come true.

Imagine a cozy cottage with an open fire, a private patio with a barbecue area, and surrounded by beautifully mature Lime trees. That’s the idyllic scene awaiting you at Croan Cottages. And the cherry on top? Castle Morres demesne, a stunning forest park right next door, providing you with fresh produce and splendid surroundings to explore.

Killure Lodge Kilkenny

If you’re yearning for a peaceful, rural escape, then Killure Cottages are the answer to your heart’s desire! Tucked away on the outskirts of picturesque Kilkenny, these stone-built farm cottages offer a retreat like no other.

Gaze upon open green fields and the majestic Black Stairs mountains as you unwind in these fully equipped cottages, designed to give you a high-quality self-catering experience all year round. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker or a relaxation expert, Killure Cottages provide the perfect base for your countryside getaway.

Mount Coggill Self-Catering

For a truly unique experience, Mount Coggill Country House and Studio Apartment is the bee’s knees! Built within the ruins of a traditional farmhouse, this Kilkenny self-catering accommodation boasts panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the lush Kilkenny plain.

Imagine staying in a house set on top of a hill, 400 feet above sea level, surrounded by 30 acres of farm land and forest. It’s a little slice of Irish heaven! And don’t worry about anyone stumbling upon you – it’s splendidly isolated down a rough country boreen. So, you’ll have all the privacy you need for an unforgettable escape.

The Apartment, Kilkenny City

Want to be right in the heart of the action? This city centre gem, known simply as “Apartment, Kilkenny City,” is the perfect pad for you! With two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchenette, and a cozy fireplace, you’ll feel right at home as soon as you step in.

And the best part? You’re just a stone’s throw away from Kilkenny Castle and the city’s vibrant centre, so you can explore to your heart’s content. Whether you’re looking for history, culture, or a pint of the black stuff, this apartment is the pot of gold at the end of your Kilkenny rainbow.


Looking for a sustainable oasis in Kilkenny? Gráisín is a green haven that’ll steal your heart! Set in the Kilkenny countryside, this allergy-free apartment is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With a garden to stroll through and a picnic area to enjoy the great outdoors, Gráisín offers a breath of fresh air and a chance to connect with nature. Plus, they’ll treat you to a delightful breakfast with local specialities, fruits, and juice to fuel your Kilkenny adventures.

Do You Get Towels in Self-Catering?

Ah, don’t ye worry, mate! Self-catering accommodations in Kilkenny have got your back – or should we say, your front and all sides! You bet your lucky shamrock that you’ll get towels. You’ll find them snuggly hanging in the bathroom, ready to dry you off after a day of exploring the charming streets of Kilkenny or visiting the majestic Kilkenny Castle.

What Is Included in Self-Catering?

Oh, we’ve got the inside scoop for ya! Self-catering in Kilkenny is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. You’ll have everything you need to make your stay memorable and hassle-free. Expect a fully equipped kitchen, where you can whip up your favorite Irish dishes or even try your hand at some traditional Irish stew. Pots, pans, and utensils – all there for you, so go on, get cooking!

Most self-catering accommodations come with comfy beds, perfect for a cozy night’s sleep after an evening of laughter and storytelling in the local pubs. And if you fancy a movie night or want to stay connected with your loved ones back home, many places offer free Wi-Fi and entertainment facilities.

What to Expect in a Self-Catering Accommodation?self catering kilkenny

Self-catering accommodations in Kilkenny range from quaint cottages with thatched roofs to modern apartments with stunning views of the countryside. You’ll have your own private space to unwind, laugh, and make memories with your travel companions.

The best part? No one’s gonna nag ya about your bedtime or your meal choices. You’ll have the freedom to create your own itinerary and explore Kilkenny at your own pace. It’s all about embracing the Irish spirit of adventure and spontaneity!

What Makes 5-Star Self-Catering?

Alright, now we’re talking! 5-star self-catering in Kilkenny is the cream of the crop, the top of the morning, and the cherry on top of your vacation. It’s the full package, folks! Picture yourself stepping into a beautifully furnished and impeccably designed space, complete with luxurious amenities and thoughtful touches.

From plush robes to high-end kitchen appliances, 5-star self-catering is all about pampering you like royalty. And you won’t be far from the action either! These top-notch accommodations are often nestled in the heart of Kilkenny, putting you right in the middle of the craic.

Is Self-Catered Cheaper Than Catered?

Aye, the pot of gold question! You’ll be glad to hear that self-catering can be kinder to your wallet than its catered counterpart. With self-catering, you have the power to budget your meals and choose where to dine, whether it’s at a budget-friendly local eatery or treating yourself to a fancy restaurant.

Moreover, having a kitchen at your disposal means you can whip up some grub from fresh, local ingredients found in Kilkenny’s markets, making it easier to save a few extra euros for that special souvenir or a pint at the pub. But remember, it’s not just about the money, it’s about the experience – and self-catering gives you the chance to live like a true local in the heart of Kilkenny.

Pack Your Bags and Get Ready for the Time of Your Life!

So, there you have it, folks! Self-catering is the way to go if you’re looking to level up your stag party in Kilkenny, have a grand adventure, and feel right at home while exploring this enchanting city. So, go on now, pack your bags, and get ready for the time of your life in self-catering Kilkenny style!

But enough talk – time for action! Pick up that phone, book a session for your stag party in Ireland, and incorporate those exciting stag party ideas to ensure you’re in for the time of your life. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

And if you are looking for stag party fun in Carrick on Shannon or Galway, don’t miss out on the excitement these vibrant locations offer.

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