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Lanigans Tourist Hostel

Lanigans Hostel is  just a wee 2-minute stroll from the majestic Kilkenny Castle. You read that right – you’re practically sleeping in the castle’s backyard! And guess what? The Kilkenny Tourism Office is just a couple of doors down. Talk about hitting the stag party destination jackpot! No need to stumble far for the best local tips; it’s right on your doorstep.


Sleep Like a King (or a Slightly Tipsy Stag)

At Lanigans Hostel, we’ve crafted a purpose-built haven for budget-savvy adventurers – our brand-spanking new, 40-bed tourist hostel. And here’s the kicker – it’s the only “Irish Tourism” approved and centrally located hostel in Kilkenny. 

Conveniently, it’s snuggled up right next to our buzzing bar, so the party never stops! Expect a warm Irish welcome and a friendly smile that says, “You’re in for a good time, lads!”

Facilities that Hit the Spot

Chill out in our common room, where the banter is as legendary as our hospitality. Kick back with a TV show or challenge your mates to some epic games – the choice is yours. 

Got laundry? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Luggage? We’ll guard it like it’s a pot of gold. And the best part? Free Wi-Fi everywhere. Capture those epic stag moments and make your mates back home green with envy. You’ll be spoiled here in Lanigans Hostel lads!

Cocktail Classes

Now, let’s talk about the real magic – Lanigans Hostel doesn’t just stop at cozy beds and good vibes. We’ve got cocktail classes for the aspiring mixologists, spa treatments for the gents who need pampering, and a shopping extravaganza for those on a mission to snag the perfect stag swag.

So, lads, gear up for a stag weekend in Kilkenny that’s nothing short of legendary. Lanigans Hostel is where the craic is at, and with us at Stagit in the mix, your stag party will be the stuff of Irish folklore. Book your beds, grab your mates, and get ready to paint Kilkenny green – the Lanigans way!

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