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Hey there, lovely ladies of the hen world! Are you on the hunt for a naughty hen party experience that’s a little cheeky, a whole lot of fun, and downright unforgettable? Look no further because Henit and Arty Hens have got your back, and we’re bringing the party to you with our sizzling hot “Naked Man Painting” package!

naughty hen party

Artistic Gear and Cheeky Charm

Picture this: you and your squad gathered in the comfort of your chosen hotel room, surrounded by drawing gear, good vibes, and maybe a hint of mischief. Our Arty Hens packages are the epitome of girly giggles and cheeky charm, specially crafted to make your naughty hen party the talk of the town!

Meet the Maestro: Teacher, Music, and a Glass of Wine

So, how does it all unfold? Well, buckle up, ladies, because the excitement is about to kick in! Our talented teacher will swoop in, armed with all the drawing essentials. Think easels, sketch pads, and a palette of colors – we’ve got it all covered. And what’s a party without some beats? Cue the background music (and don’t forget to grab that glass of wine, or two!).

Drawing, Laughter, and a Twinkle in His Eye

Now, brace yourselves for the grand reveal – here comes our dashing man of the hour, ready to drop the robe and get the artistic party started! The giggles are contagious as the drawing begins, but just wait for it – around the 10-minute mark, our man takes things up a notch, baring it all for a surprise that’ll have the hens in stitches! 

After a brief “Whoa!” and a few blushes, it’s back to business – drawing, that is! Channel your inner Picasso and let your creativity flow. Our man, now a full-fledged art critic, will strut his stuff, judging your masterpieces with a twinkle in his eye. The stags are sure to be jealous of this experience!

Arty Hens On the Move

Oh, did we mention you can host this naughty hen party anywhere in Ireland? Our Arty Hens team is on the move, armed with our “nudest” men and bags full of artistic goodness. So whether you’re in the heart of Dublin or the charming countryside, we’ve got the naughtiest hen party covered!

In a nutshell, Henit’s “Naked Man Painting at Arty Hens” package is not just a party; it’s an experience. A naughty hen party experience filled with laughter, art, and a touch of mischief that’ll have your hen squad reminiscing and giggling for years to come. So, why settle for ordinary when you can make your hen night extraordinary with a sprinkle of naughtiness?

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