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Photo Shoot – Silver River Images

Planning to cement your stag party in history? We offer photo shoot services throughout all of Ireland whether you’re in Carrick-on-Shannon, Galway, or even Kilkenny. Our exclusive stag party photo shoot at Silver River Images isn’t just about capturing moments – it’s about setting the tone for an unforgettable night of craic! It’s the perfect prelude before you hit the town, ensuring that the memories captured will be cherished long after the party’s over.

No Theme Too Wild, No Prop Too Outrageous!

We believe in giving you the freedom to make your stag party uniquely yours. Whether you’re suiting up as classic gents, going full-on Vikings, or channeling your inner superheroes, the theme choice is entirely yours! 

Bring along your wildest props and costumes; we at Silver River Images have the space to accommodate even the rowdiest of squads in our whopping 4500 sq ft studio.

Top-Notch Photographers Who Get the Banter!

When you choose our stag and hen party photo shoot, you’re not just getting a camera – you’re getting a team of friendly, top-notch photographers who know how to roll with the craic. They’ll make sure everyone feels right at home during the entire shoot because, let’s face it, this session is all about you and your mates having a laugh.

One Fee, All the Fun!

Worried about breaking the bank for a memorable stag party in Ireland? Fret not! When you book our exclusive photo shoot, there’s a single fee for the entire session, and here’s the kicker – all the photos are thrown online with a download password for you to share with your crew. 

Want a hard copy? No worries – just swing by the local pharmacy or hit up a Fuji Centre, and you’re sorted.

Lads, if you’re ready to elevate your stag party game and capture the banter in a way that’ll make your grandkids blush, choose our exclusive photo shoot experience with Silver River Images. 

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