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Pococke Golf & Sports Club

Attention all lads who want to add golfing charm to their stag party destinations – welcome to the rollicking realm of the Pococke Golf course! This isn’t just a golf course; it’s the hallowed ground where birdies meet banter and bogeys are just an excuse for more laughs.

The Stag’s Golf Haven

Pococke is an 18-hole parkland golf course on the outskirts of Kilkenny City, where the grass is greener, the views are more breathtaking, and the golf balls might just have a mischievous glint. Pococke Golf Course isn’t your typical tee-off spot; it’s where golf meets stag shenanigans for an unforgettable day of swings, giggles, and maybe a bit of competitive banter.

Footgolf: A Stag Kickabout Extravaganza

But hold onto your stag hats, because the Pococke golf course has a little surprise up its fairway – Footgolf. It’s like regular golf, but with a football. Gather your mates, show off your footie prowess, and take on the course with more kicks than a Saturday morning five-a-side match. It’s the perfect prelude to an evening of stag mischief.

If this sounds too good to be true, check out Roman Cahalane’s experience:

“Excellent, excellent, excellent. Played footgolf with our Sports & Social club recently and we had such a good time. Lovely course, would be suitable for all. Staff were friendly and helpful. Highly recommended” – Ronan Cahalane

Rugbygolf: Where Tackles Meet Tee-offs

And for the lads who reckon golf needs a touch of rough and tumble, we present Rugbygolf – a sport so brilliantly chaotic, it makes scrums look like tea parties. Nine holes of rugby madness and golf finesse that’ll have your stag squad questioning the very fabric of sporting reality.

Clubhouse Cheers and Post-Game Feasting

After conquering the course, retire to the Clubhouse. It’s not just a clubhouse; it’s where the tales of your epic putts and dubious swings become the stuff of stag legend. Raise a glass, swap stories, and relive the triumphs and tribulations over hearty post-game grub.

Pro Shop Glam for Golfing Gamblers

And if your golf attire is more ‘meh’ than magnificent, fear not! The Pro Shop at the Pococke golf course is your go-to for gearing up. From clubs that practically swing themselves to outfits that make you the style icon of the fairway, they’ve got the goods.


Stagit has teamed up with Pococke Golf Course & Sports Club to craft the ultimate stag weekend in the Kilkenny extravaganza. Golfing escapades during the day, followed by a night of stag-inspired revelry in Kilkenny – it’s a duo made in stag party heaven.

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