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Pole Dance Classes at Polercise Belfast

Hey there fabulous ladies (and you daring gents too)! 💃✨ Ready to swap your heels for dancing shoes and let loose at the ultimate dance party? Look no further than Polercise in the heart of Belfast city center! It’s the ultimate pole dancing classes Belfast experience!

pole dance classes belfast

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Chair-dance Extravaganza

Imagine a world where inhibitions are just a distant memory. At Polercise, we’ve got the perfect prescription for a pole dancing classes Belfast that’ll have you and your crew tearing up the dance floor. Our themed dance parties are an absolute blast – whether you’re channeling Beyonce’s fierceness, moonwalking like Michael Jackson, or even recreating Baby’s moves from Dirty Dancing. You pick the theme, and our dance choreographer will have you strutting your stuff with props and dance moves that’ll turn your special occasion into a dance party extravaganza!

Boogie Nights and Glam Delights

Prefer glam over glee? Dive into the world of party-perfect makeup looks with our beauty tips and tricks. Discover the top-notch products that’ll stay on as long as you stay up! Because who says you can’t look flawless while busting a move?

Artistic Adventures

Feeling artsy? How about unleashing your creative side with a professional and charming life model to entertain you and your crew? It’s not just about the pole dancing classes Belfast offers; it’s about turning your party into an unforgettable masterpiece!

Whether you’re planning the most fab hen party in Ireland or just looking for an excuse to gather the gang, Polercise is your go-to spot for all things fabulous and fun. And hey, lads, stag parties, you’re not off the hook – we’re pretty sure you can rock a pair of heels too! 😜

Oh and for the lads celebrating their grooms’ stag party in Ireland, why not try pole dancing for an unconventional fun?

And speaking of magical moments, don’t forget to check out our upcoming pole dancing sessions – because the fun doesn’t stop at the studio door at pole dance classes Belfast!

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