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Segway Adventures Ltd.

We know you’ve probably dreamt of cruising on a Segway, but hold onto your hats – Segway Adventures LTD. takes it to a whole new level with the Segway Ireland experience. Buckle up for an epic ride filled with laughter, thrills, and memories that will keep the Stag Weekend tales alive for weeks!

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Segway Swagger & Beyond

Picture this: Two hours of pure, unadulterated Segway goodness. It’s not just about mastering the art of Segway swagger; it’s about diving headfirst into Extreme Segway Frisbee, engaging in Nerf-gun Jousting Wars, and getting your mates soaked in Segway Water Blaster Battles. 

And all of this comes with a side of banter served up by our resident master entertainer – because, let’s face it, a party without banter is like a pint without a head!

Snacks, Banter, and Evidence

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got a complimentary snack station loaded with tea, coffee, cordials, and biscuits to keep you fueled until it’s time for a proper meal or a pub session. Plus, you’ll leave with a digital video/photo album, ensuring you’ve got the evidence to prove just how epic your Stag Weekend really was.

Extreme Fun & Thrills

Extreme fun and thrills? You bet! We don’t mess around when it comes to delivering the ultimate segway Ireland experience.” We’re not just on your bucket list; we’re the reason you should have one in the first place!

segway ireland

Mobile Madness

Now, here’s the scoop on logistics: We’re fully mobile, covering 100+ venues throughout Ireland, are you planning a stag party in Carrick-on-Shannon, Galway or even Kilkenny? No problem!  Whether you fancy an indoor or outdoor adventure, we’ve got you covered. And with thousands of happy clients and hundreds of stellar reviews, we’re not just tooting our own horn – we’re revving up those Segways!

Stag Weekend Squad Goals

Planning a Stag Weekend? We’ve got the perfect recipe. Round up your lads and set your sights on Dublin. Our Segway shenanigans kick off with a minimum group size of 10 pax. If you’re venturing 1-2 hours from Dublin, gather at least 13 pals. Extend the journey to 2-3 hours from the city, and we’re looking for a crew of 15. If you’re going all out for 3 hours or more, assemble a squad of 20 ready-for-anything mates. 

And the price tag for all this madness? Just €60 per participant – a small investment for a weekend you’ll be talking about for years to come!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mates, hop on a Segway, and let the craic begin. Segway Adventures LTD. is a legendary experience waiting to unfold. Book your spot, and let your stag party in Ireland roll!

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