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Treasure Hunts

Hey, fabulous party planners! Ready to kick off your hen weekend in Ireland with a bang? Look no further – our treasure hunts to sprinkle some magic on your celebration and turn it into a legendary girly quest! 

treasure hunts

Imagine you and your amazing crew, armed with wit and charm, navigating the charming streets of your favorite Irish town or city, all thanks to our unforgettable treasure hunts.

The Treasure Trove

Let’s spill the tea on the treasure trove of delights our hen challenge offers. We’ve whipped up a 2-hour experience that’s nothing short of legendary. What’s on the menu, you ask?

  • Custom Clues & Tasks: Tailored just for you!
  • 20 Varied Clues & Tasks: Keeping you on your toes, darling!
  • 8 Fun Photo Challenges: Instagram-worthy AF, of course!
  • The Hen Trivia Challenge: Because who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?
  • Optional Pub Stops: Cheers to that, darling!

The Sass Package

Our package comes with all the sass you need – Tips & Instructions, a handy Map of the Location, and Answer Booklets to make sure you’re strutting on the right runway. It’s like a treasure map, but with a touch of Irish magic, and we’ve got it all sorted for you.

Unleash Your Inner Diva

What makes our Treasure Hunts stand out? The power to make your experience as unique as you are. Whether you’re up for a glamorous adventure in Dublin or a historical romp through Kilkenny, we’ve got you, girl. We’ve got the lowdown on every nook and cranny, ensuring you and your hens have a blast uncovering hidden gems.

Effortless Fabulousness

And here’s the best part – we take care of everything! From the essentials to ensuring the whole affair runs smoother than silk. It’s hassle-free fun, darling.

Add Your Flair

But wait, there’s more! Add your own fabulous touch to the treasure hunt. Throw in some photos, maybe a few inside jokes – make it as extra as you are. It’s like planning your own epic adventure with a sprinkle of Irish charm.

Lads, Join the Glam

Oh, and did we mention stag parties in Ireland can join the glam too? Yep, the lads can get in on the action, making it the ultimate pre-wedding shindig for everyone.

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the chief mischief maker, get ready for an unforgettable treasure hunt with our Treasure Hunts in Ireland. It’s the perfect way to set sail on your hen weekend – playful, personalized, and undeniably Irish. Let the hunt begin, darling!

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