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Victoria Hotel Galway

victoria hotel galway

victoria hotel galway

Nestled snug in the heart of Galway, The Victoria Hotel Galway gives you a warm hug of hospitality with a Victorian twist. Picture this: you waltz through the doors, and boom, you’re hit with a vibe that screams, “This is gonna be epic!” 

Accommodate Your Crew in Style

The Victoria Hotel Galway knows the deal: different strokes for different folks. We’ve got 75 rooms that cater to every kind of stag crew. For those feeling fancy, the deluxe rooms are like a plush cloud of luxury. Double rooms are all about that cozy elegance, perfect for besties on your stag crew. Need more space? Triple rooms got you covered. And if you and your mate are inseparable, twin rooms are the way to go. See? We’ve got every option for your stag party!

Breakfast Fit for Champions

Let’s talk breakfast – the most important meal, especially when there’s a night of stag shenanigans on the cards. The hotel’s restaurant is like a treasure trove of breakfast delights. From hearty Full Irish breakfasts to lighter treats like cereals and pastries, it’s a feast of locally sourced goodness.

Chill Vibes in Every Corner

Beyond your digs, The Victoria Hotel Galway has more tricks up its sleeve. The lounge is your cocoon of chill – a place to dive into a good read or nurse that post-party coffee. Feeling social? The bar’s your scene, where you can mingle with fellow wanderers over a pint or two.

It’s Near Galway Spots

Location, lads, location! The Victoria Hotel Galway has bagged itself a spot that’s a hop, skip, and a jump away from Eyre Square – the heartbeat of Galway. Stag mission: hit up Galway Cathedral, the Spanish Arch, and every pub in between. Your stag do just got a whole lot easier.

Service with a Grin

And when you’re in a bind, the crew at The Victoria Hotel Galway has your back. Need local tips, a hand with tours, or just a friendly chat? We’ve got it all covered, Irish charm included.

So in a stag blowout The Victoria Hotel Galway is your ace in the heart of the craic. Trust us, you’ll be leaving with more than just memories – you’ll be leaving with a piece of the stag party Galway experience in your soul. 

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