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Buggy Racing Package Dublin

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Hotel and breakfast

Looking for somewhere clean and warm to rest your head after this explosive activity? Look no further. The hotels are hand-picked and you are assured of getting top of range accommodation here. They are centrally located to give you the most hassle free and convenient transport from the party to your warm bed! The rooms which are either twins or triple come with an en-suite bathroom. Just incase you want to beat that hangover with, lets say, one more bottle, the hotels have bars and the party will not die just yet! A warm and delicious breakfast is assured!

Buggy Racing

Using the small yet powerful buggies, bring the track to life by roaring your way to the finish line through the cloud of dust with the boys in hot pursuit. Raise the adrenaline levels by this engaging and fascinating activity. Enjoy cruising at speeds of 60km/hr and join your boys in outshining each other. Enjoy the optimum safety that comes with these machines. You only need to make sure that the safety belt, helmet, gloves and racing suit are in place. The end result will be bursting excitement and you will really enjoy getting dirty while at it.

VIP night club entry

Spice the stag party up by settling on a breathtaking night club to roll the night away. You sure do not want your boys to be stuck in some winding queue out there in the cold waiting for tickets they are not even assured of. Come on, they know you are not a nerd, so, wow them. Give them a VIP night club entry and leave them with just one worry, their dancing. Warm up to them by taking them to a sophisticated club that strikes an adorable balance between passion and panache.

VIP strip club entry

A stag night will never be complete without a strip tease. Missing out is breaking the stag law and your boys will never forgive you for it. Set the trend and be the man of the moment. An array of lively venues is at your disposal. VIP tickets will be provided and you and your boys will be spared the agony of queuing. Getting down to action will be instantaneous and clubbing in a strip club is the ultimate goal of any stag party. The boys will not have a choice but to show the locals what they are made of. Trust me, it could not get wilder.


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